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In this Spanish lesson, you will learn the most important ways to use the verb "ser": soy, eres, es, somos, son. You will learn when to always use "ser", and when to never use "ser", which will help you to avoid making mistakes that some people drag for years. This lesson will enable you to become a fluent Spanish speaker but also an accurate Spanish speaker. If you are a person who is starting learning Spanish, this lesson will be key to your learning. If you are a student who has already made progress in learning Spanish, this lesson is crucial to review the bas
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ics and have them cemented in your learning. Learning well the basics of a language will really make the road of learning easier to navigate. I guarantee it. Take ownership of your Spanish learning and do not wait until you forget. Let go of your Spanish fears. Though you should still fear some Spanish things like the flu.

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Here with me, Ana you can learn a lot of Spanish:

Learn Spanish numbers

Everyday Spanish

Spanish alphabet

Spanish vocabulary

Spanish tenses: Spanish present, Spanish past, Spanish imperfect, Spanish subjunctive,

Listening Spanish practice

Spanish comprehension

y más que eso.

Saludos y abrazos de oso :)

00:00 Introduction

01:12 Soy + name

01:19 Soy + nationality

01:54 Soy + profession

02:26 Soy + everlasting quality

03:19 Soy + qualities in general

04:12 Soy + marital status

05:19 Ser in common phrases

07:59 Verb "ser" in common Spanish expressions

09:12 What is "o sea" in Spanish?

11:49 Es for usted, ella, él. "Son" for ustedes, ellas & ellos.

15:15 Review the uses of the verb "ser"

15:50 Soy + religion

16:15 Soy rubia or "Soy una rubia"?

16:26 Soy mujer or "Soy una mujer?

16:51 Conclusion

Learning Japanese - Is it Really Harder For Adults?
One of the biggest myths of language learning is that it's much harder for adults to learn than children. This author doesn't believe it! If that were true, the quest to learn Japanese would be futile, but many adults have done it with the many excellent options available.

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If you are an absolute beginner Spanish learner, this video is made fo
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r you. This is THE place to start if you want to start learning Spanish.






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Boost Your Career by Learning Foreign Languages
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Learn Spanish - Different Resources on How to Learn Spanish Fast
Learning different languages can be very time-consuming. And it is more challenging to adults compared to children. The most popular second language now is the Spanish language. It is a fact that if you have the capacity to speak
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the language, there is more business opportunities for you and even in social gatherings will increase your confidence to mingle with people.

Learn Spanish - Effective Ways on How to Learn Simple Spanish Words
There are several ways on how to learn the Spanish language. If you want to have a career and you really need to learn the language, you can take the most expensive way which to join an immersion class. But if you just want to learn simple and basic words for you to better communicate with your friends and classmates, you can just refer below for some effective tips.

Learn Spanish - Learning the Spanish Language in the Easiest Way
If you want to learn any language fast and easy, the best way to do it is to stay and live in that particular country. It is important that you will be around with people who speak the native tongue. You will be forced to learn the language since everybody is speaking the language that you want to have knowledge of.

Learn Spanish - Incorporate Fun in Selecting the Method That Will Suit Your Learning Needs
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Learn Spanish - Learning Spanish For Free Online
It is important to learn Spanish language especially if you are planning a trip somewhere in Latin America or in Spain. Since you will be expending a lot for your trip, you might as well seek the help of the internet in learning Spanish. There are a lot of free Spanish courses online that you could take.

Learn Spanish - 5 Effective Resources on Learning Spanish
Learning the Spanish language will take time and effort on you part if you want to be fluent with it. There are a lot of proven methods on how to
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The Practical Value of Learning Mandarin
This is a passage talks about the advantages of learning Mandarin. It is good for China and other foreign countries.

Impress Your Teacher When You Learn German Quickly
Whether you are at the bottom of your German class, or are struggling to speak in German, you still have the motivation to become fluent in the language. You want to be able to impress your teacher with your speaking skills in order to earn the "A" in the class, but can't seem to learn the material at the pace you desire. Thankfully, you can learn German as quickly as you possibly can when you buy the Rocket German program.

What is the Best Way to Learn Spanish Vocabulary?
When someone wants to learn something new one of the first questions is always, "What is the best way to learn this?" This question isn't that easy to answer since everyone learns in a different way.

Learn to Speak Spanish For Free!
Want to Learn to speak Spanish for FREE? There are many different methods for learning Spanish.

Basic French Phrases - Learning Basic French Words and Sentences is the Best Way to Start!
At the end of the road, many will quit before knowing basic sentences. What I want you to understand is that you do not want to start with a complicated grammar or conjugation course. This is the surefire way for failure.

Learn Spanish Courses
Spanish is a wonderful language to learn. It is a beautiful sounding language and there are so many people out there in the world that speak the language. There are so many Spanish speaking countries and many people from these countries have chosen to immigrate to other countries such as the USA and Britain. This means
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In this video you will learn how to talk about your resume in Spanish.

If you are an absolute beginner Spanish learner, this video is made for you. Our hosts express themselves in simple Spanish and English. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your Spanish language study. This is THE plac
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e to start if you want to start learning Spanish.

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How to Learn Spanish Faster Than You Think
If you are looking for a way to master Spanish language, you should be informed that there are plenty of resources you can benefit from to be successful as a new Spanish learner. Continue reading to discover what you shall know to start speaking Spanish effectively.

The Stages For Foreigners to Learn Chinese
Nowadays, with China's rapid economic growth, China plays a more and more important role in the world. Many people around the world come to China to do business, travel and study. In order to adapt themselves to the environment of China, a large number of foreigners are learning Chinese. However learning Chinese is a long process and it needs a lot of time and patience. There are several steps for foreigners to study Chinese.

Teach ESL Abroad & Contribute Something Valuable to the World
If you have been searching for a meaningful way to contribute something of value to the world, why not teach ESL abroad. In the world today, English is well known to be the primary language of business and commerce, and the nations that strive to compete on the global stage understand the importance of the English language.

China Promotes Chinese Teaching in Australia
This article is about learning Chinese. If you are interested in Chinese, you can read this article.

Teaching Children Spanish - 5 Obstacles Elementary Schools Face (And How to Overcome Them)
Elementary Spanish programs often struggle due to lack of time, resources or trained language teachers. This article looks at some of the ways y
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This is the best place to start learning the Spanish language!

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appreciate it. Thanks!

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Learn Spanish - Watch Spanish TV Series to Learn How to Speak Fluently
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Learn Spanish - The 3 Easy Tips in Learning Spanish
Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world, because of the growing population not only in America but in different countries. Learning is an on-going process that every person is capable of doing, anyone can do this especially when you have the interest to learn.

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3 Reasons You Should Learn to Speak Japanese Before Visiting Japan
Japan is an interesting country to visit, blending a long and proud history with current business and technological excellence. As such, it is a great place to visit for both busine
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Learn How to Speak French Online
I took the time to learn to speak french online and it served me well in Paris. Sitting in the outdoor cafe and being able to order with ease was a pleasure. The wait staff was quite impressed and I am sure the food and drink were of a higher quality because of my French.
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Learn French Phrases If You Want to Find the Eiffel Tower
French speakers sound like their words are formed in back of their noses and come out of their throat. What appeals to most people is the European twang that identifies a French speaker from any other speaker. The French sound like native Southerners speaking European.

Free Resources For Learning French on the Internet
Believe it or not, it is possible to learn a new language on the Internet for free. There are numerous resources that claim you can learn French fast, but few are actually free of charge. A site called about.com offers French lessons regardless of skill level. You can learn pronunciation via the audio library.

Rocket Spanish Author - 450 Internet Searches to Find Mauricio Evlampieff
Yes. That's what happened. An exhaustive Internet search to find out more about the man behind the popular Rocket Spanish program led to some interesting truths. Finding the man is a difficult thing to do. Finding Mauricio is much like trying to find Waldo. Here's a new take on the author, and why the program may be successful.

French Language - The Finishing Touch
Studying the French language is a return to courtesan elegance. It's a language that is considered one of the top three of language courses students prefer to learn. Learning French is a finishing touch to education. It isn't a difficult language to learn compared to others. The best part of becoming fluent in French is the way in which it opens a world of better understanding of the French culture.

Learn Conversational French and Survive in France
You all are aware that at times the French seem to forget their English. Yet, you want to visit this beautiful country and see the Eiffel Tower. Arc de Triomphe and Louvre Museum. There is a perfect solution available when you decide to learn conversational french. It will
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Rocket Spanish - Learning Spanish Started it All
Rocket Languages has taught over 50,000 online students since its start in 2004, but the first language program launched online was Spanish, and Spanish remains the most popular language offered. Because the company develops programs based upon the number of Internet inquiries it receives, it's a sure bet that Rocket Spanish has the program components it needs to remain at the top of the tree.

Fast Learn Spanish Verbs - Past Imperfect
There are two simple past tenses in Spanish: imperfect and preterit. Preterit refers to something that happened in the past at a specific time. The preterit should be your lifeline tense. Sometimes though you will have no choice but to use the imperfect. Here are some of the rules of its usage.

Learn Spanish With Rocket Spanish - Why is This Program So Popular?
Rocket Spanish began as the brainchild of Mark Ling, a Canterbury University student who was studying Spanish part time. He wanted online materials to supplement his Spanish language learning. Discovering that there wasn't much available, he decided to create his own. And that is the beginning of a program that is so popular, that combined with the other languages offered, it has helped to launch Ling's company into an over $2 million enterprise in 5 years.

Learn English Online - Understand Better and Save More Money
With the development and expansion of the internet, learning English has become easier, cheaper, and much more fun. Learning English will help you gain access to a world of knowledge and help you communicate better in English speaking countries.

The Key to Teaching Phonics to Kids