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Avēsis recently awarded a $250,000 grant to DLN to expand dental care access across the country for individuals who are elderly, medically fragile, or living with disabilities.

“During this time when getting dental treatment is especially difficult for people with special needs, we are so grateful for AvÄ“sis’ wonderful support,” said Fred Leviton, CEO, Dental Lifeline Network.

Since partnering with DLN in 2018, Avēsis, in partnership with its parent company Guardian Life, has contributed $1.2 million, which equals $15 million in donated dental services over the last thre
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e years.

“When we embarked on this journey with Dental Lifeline Network, we shared the common goal of reaching individuals who are underserved, uninsured and in desperate need of dental care,” said Chris Swanker, CEO, AvÄ“sis, a Guardian Company. “In the last three years and together with DLN, we’ve made considerable progress in helping increase oral health equity across the U.S. and remain committed to addressing the health barriers that exist for many people as it pertains to quality oral care.”

The latest grant will help DLN extend access to care, as well as volunteer dentist recruitment via targeted statewide programs. The programs include recruiting dental students to volunteer and supporting the Will You See One Vet campaign, a recruitment initiative aimed to engage volunteer dentists to help veterans with special needs. Most veterans do not qualify for dental benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Take for example, Donna, an Army veteran who suffers from a number of health issues that affected both her physical and dental health. Luckily, she was referred to the Will You See One Vet Program and received comprehensive care, including 13 teeth extractions and full dentures to restore her smile — and her confidence.

Through its flagship program, Donated Dental Services (DDS), DLN provides complimentary, comprehensive dental care through a national network of over 15,000 volunteer dentists and 3,400 volunteer laboratories. Since its inception in 1985, the DDS program has surpassed $494 million in donated dental therapies, transforming the lives of 165,600 people.

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Dr. Sean Rayment and Bertrand

Serving one’s country gives many a sense of pride, accomplishment and loyalty, but that commitment doesn’t necessarily come with any guarantees for stability in life.

After serving in the Army from 1972-1975, Bertrand was excited to start a new career as a travel agent in customer service. For many years, she worked diligently and had the opportunity to travel to many destinations.

Those adventures came to an abrupt halt after being placed on disability leave due to multiple chronic illnesses. Symptoms from diabetes, heart problems, high blood pre
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ssure, and depression made it difficult for her to resume her daily life.

Bertrand then fell on hard times and even experienced homelessness. She struggled to make ends meet, let alone address her health needs. She eventually found a home and mental health treatment with the help of the Veterans Administration, but the poor state of her oral health persisted.

Like so many who suffer from multiple ailments, dental hygiene often gets ignored or deprioritized in the face of other immediate health crises.

Bertrand had always had an ill-fitting full upper denture, but it became more and more difficult to eat. She was also experiencing new pain and discomfort in her lower teeth. So much so, that the pain and the appearance of her teeth were making it more difficult to her to socialize and feel like herself.  

Thankfully, Bertrand found Dental Lifeline Network and, through the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, was matched with Dr. Sean Rayment, DLN • Massachusetts leadership council member and DDS volunteer. Dr. Rayment provided a comprehensive exam and placed six crowns, and conducted scaling and root planning. Palma Dental Laboratories in Plymouth donated a six-unit bridge to complete the treatment.

“Bertrand was happy beyond words. She said, ‘I can finally smile!’ She was so happy with the results. It was very rewarding for us to be able to help,” said Dr. Rayment.

Bertrand was so grateful for the opportunity to restore her oral health and continue her renewed commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. Things are definitely beginning to look up for her and she has a lot to smile about.

Massachusetts is one of the many states where DLN supports vulnerable patients in need — entirely possible thanks to its network of volunteer dentists, the Massachusetts Dental Society Foundation, and partners like Delta Dental of Massachusetts.

By volunteering with
Almost every business owner would agree – growth is essential. Without new customers, a business cannot grow.

Dr. Markov

As a private practice owner and pediatric dentist at VK Pediatric Dentistry in Arlington, Virginia, I am intimately aware of just how important and necessary new patients are. But with a dentist at every corner, I find myself asking what are people actually looking for when they pick their provider? Sure, some people are price driven. But others may be looking for something else.

I have many responsibilities at my office: I am responsible for the clinical care to p
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rovide the best quality care possible for my patients; I am responsible for my team to remain hardworking, happy, and always put the patient first; I am responsible for the customer service and experience that each person walking into the office receives. Although all of these can and should be constantly improved, I recently had an interaction that made me evaluate what we are doing for our overall experience.

A family I was seeing for routine care mentioned they had been to Disney World recently. The parents were shocked at the customer service provided not just for their children, but for the entire family. Although the trip was everything the kids could have asked for, the parents left thinking it was fun for everyone.

As many know, Disney basically wrote the book on customer service but it brings up an interesting point: Are we providing an experience for just the patient getting treatment or are we providing an experience for everyone that walks through our door? If it’s not the latter, it should be. Often our patients are satisfied with our great care but what about their spouses, their children, or anyone else accompanying them at their appointments?

It is a mindset change, but after I’ve established that my patients are comfortable, I try to make sure everyone else is as well. Whether it’s asking to hang their coat or providing iPads to play on for children who may be waiting, the small things can add up to a big difference in overall satisfaction.

In the words of Walt Disney: “My business is making people happy!” And it’s ours too.

Dr. Peter Markov is a pediatric dentist and owner at VK Pediatric Dentistry in Arlington, Virginia. He graduated dental school with honors from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and completed his residency in pediatric dentistry at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. He is passionate about c
Weight Loss Challenge – 4 kgs 4 weeks

Hello Everyone,
A long time back we at IWB had initiated Weight Loss Challenge – 4 kgs 4 weeks and because of our readers’ demand, we are resharing the complete series. This was based on my personal weight loss experience. Yes, I know that Weight Loss is always challenging. It is always good if we have someone to encourage us, to push us for more n more …..

I have set a target to lose 1 kg weight every week and hence 4 kgs in 4 weeks. I know this is an ambitious target. I read somewhere – Aim for the stars, for even if yo
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u fall, you would land upon the Moon! I hope you understand what I mean :).
All I wish to see a lighter me!
Do you wish the same for yourself?
If yes, comment on this post below and start following the instructions and plans. We are sharing diet plans as well as workout plans. The workout plans are for beginners and home-based. (Another wave of Corona is on its way, we heard)
If we have a few volunteers who wish to accompany me in this challenge, I will share diet, exercise schedule, and tips every day. The post would cover everything that I face and everything that I do to attain my goal.
Let’s lose weight together :)!
Are you in for it?
Lots of Love
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Many moons ago when I first arrived in the U.S., I was a double major in biology and music in piano performance at Fresno State, California. My piano professor, Dr. Werz, was newly emmigrated from Germany. He was serious and strict, nevertheless a very kind person.

Dr. Hung

Many of us under his teaching were foreign students. He would insist on calling us by our ethnic names, and he was one of the few who could pronounce my Chinese name correctly. He was a great mentor on various topics and an excellent professor. Knowing that I didn’t have any immediate family around, he helped me to
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find my first job in the U.S. — as a church pianist. He also asked me to babysit his newborn and toddler while he and his wife went out to dinner or to watch a show.

There were never any comments or assumptions about my culture. He would ask open-ended questions, and he was always respectful: he never used the word “girl” to describe me, and he never commented on how young I was.

Although I did not become a concert pianist, I remember Dr. Werz’s practice of professionalism and his practice of diversity and inclusion. He knew I was from Taiwan, and he was educated about the differences between China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. He never once lumped his Asian students together. He took notes on his students to make sure he got the facts right. He would make sure everyone was included in the conversation and favoritism was never observed.

When I discuss diversity and inclusion in the present day, I sometimes experience pushback on the topic or whether it is necessary to teach diversity and inclusion in school. I know of some people who feel that diversity and inclusion should not be taught in dental schools because it is not “dentally related”: just learn the technical part of dentistry. I also know some people who feel that diversity and inclusion is common sense. As a first generation immigrant living in the U.S. for 30 years, I strongly feel that diversity and inclusion is related to all professions, and that much work is required to develop to make our working culture more welcoming.

The curriculum for teaching students to learn about a diverse patient population is currently up to dental schools and not standardized. I am happy to see that more and more programs have diversity classes now in dental school programs. Students of different backgrounds must learn how to relate among themselves, to the faculty members, and to their future patients. 
IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss : Diet Plan Day 1

Hey everyone,

For quite some time we had been getting requests from our readers to reshare the weight loss challenge, along with the recipes and diet plans. So here we go again with our IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss : Diet Plan Day 1

All excited about the IWB Weight Loss Challenge :)?

Enjoy the Diet Plan – Day 1. I am leaving the vegetable in the lunch open-ended for you to choose from since it’s the first day. Just avoid potato for this month. I would be specific from Day 2 onwards.

I have accommodated tea/coffee since
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I know we (read I :P) need tea twice a day. If you can avoid it, pat on your back :)!

I will upload the Workout Plan as well tonight. Till then, please don’t skip your walk. Find the walking plan here.
Monday/Day 17:30 AMHalf lemon in 1 glass luke warm water + 10 almonds8:30 AM3 Egg Whites8:30 AMHalf cup muesli + 1 bowl skimmed milk9:30 AMTea/Coffee without sugar11:30 AMApple1:00 PM1 plate of salad + 1 wheat chapatti + 1 bowl of veggie + 1 bowl of Daal + 1 cup curd4:00 PMTea/Coffee without sugar + 2 Marie Biscuits6:00 PMFruit Salad( you can also have any 1 fruit)8:00 PM1 plate of green salad8:30 PMHomemade vegetable soup + sauteed veggies10:00 PMIF hungry, 1 cup warm skimmed milk without sugar

If you are already working out,  please have a fruit/salad 1 hour before and a buttermilk post workout. Will come with a list of food items that you should consume !



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IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss :

Workout Plan Day 1

Keeping in view the resharing of our IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss challenge, here we present

IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss : Workout Plan Day 1
Here is the workout plan for the first day. Please don’t be afraid :). I have made the plan for this whole week but I want your feedback first for this workout plan as if it was too easy or too difficult or okay. Depending on that I will do any modifications for the subsequent days if required.
Before I really show you what to do, I will explain in a few lines how it will benefit you
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No need to join a gym:-
I will show you workouts that you could do at your home.
Full Body Conditioning exercises:-
I have targeted exercises that will improve your cardiovascular and muscular health along with your stamina and fat loss at the same time. We will be doing a lot of compound movements (including multiple muscles) and we will incorporate HIIT to get max results
Please let me know if you have any prior injuries (muscle, ligament, tendon, joints, etc). Since these exercises involve each and every muscle group in your body, I may need to customize the routine for some people.

IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss: Workout Plan Day 1
Preworkout Stretching
Crossover reverse lunge: 6 reps each sideChest stretch: 15 seconds, 2 timesSuperman:  3 seconds, 5 timesWarmup
Walk on the treadmill/elliptical trainer for 10 minutes. For people at home, do step-ups40 jumping jacks, 10 seconds break40 Lateral hops, 10 seconds breakExercise routine
We are going to follow a circuit (doing a set of exercises repeatedly) of 4 rounds. Each circuit will consist of 4 exercises.
Jumping jack: 40 reps (don’t  do it too slowly !), 30 seconds breakMountain climbers: 30 reps, 30 seconds breakPushups: 8 reps, 30 seconds break

Plank: hold for 30 seconds, 1 minute breakRepeat the circuit 3 more times (total 4 circuits) with 1 minute of rest in between the circuit rounds and 30 seconds of rest between the exercises. Should take close to 15 minutes.

Post-workout stretching;
Hamstring stretch: 10 reps on each side
Quad stretch: 10 seconds each side
Lower back stretch: 10 seconds, 2 times
I have made this program keeping beginner also in mind. So I have made it a bit easier. Although I hope this is enough to get all of you out of your breath

Listen to your body while doing this. It is good to push your body hard but not out of its limits. If you feel sore the next day i
IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss

Diet Plan:

Day 2 and Day 3
Here goes the Diet plan for Day 2 and Day 3 in advance.

IWB 1 month 4 kgs weight loss diet plan day 2 day 3
Tuesday/ Day 2Wednesday/ Day 37:30 AM2 glasses of Methi Seeds water + 4 walnuts. Soak 1tsp methi seeds overnightHalf lemon in 1 glass luke warm water + 10 almonds8:30 AM3 Egg Whites3 Egg Whites8:30 AM1 small plate Plate poha with lots of veggies1 small plate sooji upma9:30 AMTea/Coffee without sugarTea/Coffee without sugar11:30 AMPearOrange1:00 PM1 plate of salad + 1 bran chapatti + 1 bowl of paneer bhurji + 1 bowl o
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f Daal + 1 cup curd1 plate of salad + 1 wheat chapatti +1 bowl of veggie + 1 bowl of Daal + 1 cup curd4:00 PMTea/Coffee without sugar + 1 piece dhoklaTea/Coffee without sugar + 1 cup boiled black chana6:00 PMSproutsSteamed/Boiled Corn8:00 PM1 plate of green salad1 plate of green salad8:30 PMMoong Daal Khichdi + 1 cup veggies + 1 cup curdHalf cup Brown rice + 1 cup veggies +1 cup curd10:00 PMIF hungry, 1 cup warm skimmed milk without sugarIF hungry, 1 cup warm skimmed milk without sugar–
For preparing Moog Daal Khichdi, count 20 grains of rice! The rice is just to make you feel that you are eating khichdi and not daal itself

Non-vegetarian folks can have grilled chicken with a half a cup of brown rice for Dinner.
Now your doubts! The working ladies can easily follow this plan.  You can have methi seeds water or lemon water as soon as you get up. Give a break of half an hour. Then you can have eggs and breakfast together. Similarly, salad and meal also can be consumed in one go. Makes sense

Pre work out meal – If you are following Rahul’s first day workout plan given here, have a whole wheat bread egg/veg sandwich 45-55 minutes before workout.
Post work out meal – Have buttermilk to give you instant boost of energy.
Questions ? Please scream !
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