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It doesn't take long, just minutes for a closed vehicle to end up being a sweltering fatality trap for children and pets.

Sadly, Florida has all ready seen two cases this year -- a one-year-old young boy died in February after being left in a vehicle outside a house in Miami-Dade's Pinecrest neighborhood, then a month later a 2-year-old child passed away after being left in an automobile for several hours in a parking lot in Brandon, in Hillsborough County.
"These types of incidents are very preventable," said Ignatius Carroll, spokesman with the City of Miami Fire Resc
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ue, speaking during a press conference at the Florida Highway Patrol's Miami headquarters.
"What you need to recognize is that if this is out of your normal routine when you are transporting your child or pet … have something to remind you that they are in the vehicle. Be vigilant, be aware."

One key suggestion from child advocates is leaving a purse, laptop, lunch or cell phone in the back seat near the child or animal as a reminder.

Deviating from normal routine is a common variable among instances where children are accidentally neglected in cars.

Silvia Beebe, with the Division of Children and also Households, said some parents who have believed it impossible to forget their youngster are among those who are left grieving. "We cannot stress enough … the natural response for parents is to say that this is not going to happen to them … be assured that all the parents that lost their child to this particular incident, they thought the same," Beebe explained.

Kenny Brighton, a spokesperson for ChildNet of Broward County, a nonprofit children's campaigning for agency, stated protecting against hot auto deaths should be a community-wide initiative.

"With the amount of cars we have in parking lots and the amount of parking lots in Broward County, the only effective way that we as a community can guarantee the safety of children is if we are all cognizant, we are all prepared and ready to act on behalf of these children who cannot protect themselves."

Since 2013, there have actually been 4 hot-car fatalities in Miami-Dade, one in Broward, and also one in Palm Beach County, according to the Department of Children and Families.

According to statistics from KidsAndCars.org, there have been 793 child vehicular heat stroke deaths in the U.S. from 1990-2016. In 55 percent of those cases, the child was unknowingly left. In 28 percent, the child got into the vehicle on their own, and in 13 percent, the child was knowingly left.

About half of those 793 instances have actually led to charges of child neglet or manslaughter, with an 81 percent conviction rate, stated Jan Null, a meteorologist and professor at San Jose State University, who has actually been tracking kid automobile warmth stroke fatalities considering that 2001. His task, NoHeatStroke.org, obtains funding from the U.S. National Safety Council.

There have been fatalities when outdoors temperature levels remained in the mid 60's, stated Null.

The beginning of heat stroke happens at a body temperature of 104 degrees.

At 88 degrees, the temperature level inside a car could rise to 117 in 20 minutes and also 131 levels in a hour, Void added.

Earlier this month, a bill was introduced to the United States Congress that would require all brand-new cars to be geared up with sensors that would signal the vehicle driver that a passenger remains inside after the motor is turned off.

State legislation shields from civil liability any individual who damages a car window to rescue a child or animal from a hot vehicle.
The restored Palm Beach mansion, Villa Tranquilla, designed by renowned architect Addison Mizner, sold for just over $36 million, according to a filed deed.

The Palm Beach County Clerk’s office records show that Oceanic Place Properties LLC, which is reportedly tied to New York energy businessman Leslie J Gelber, sold the home to an undisclosed buyer.

Famous designer Vera Wang's father the late Cheng Ching Wang, previously owned the Mediterranean-style estate.

He purchased the home in 1996 for $4.75 million. Following his death in 2006, the mansion was left to Vera and her
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brother, Kenneth. The siblings transferred ownership of the home to Oceanic Place Properties LLC in 2008.

The home was originally built in 1928 and expanded in the 1940s under the direction of architect Marion Sims Wyeth. It was thoroughly restored and updated in 2013 by architect Jeffery Smith, according to Sotheby's website. Cristina Condon, of Sotheby's International Realty, was the listing agent.

The estate's features include a five-bedroom primary residence, a one-bedroom guesthouse and two-bedroom staff quarters. There are 12 bathrooms, a home theater, salt water pool and a three-car garage.

Pillars in the home were restored using a mold from Mizner’s original work, tile in the garden room was imported from Portugal and the coffered ceilings in the library/sitting room are original, Condon told the Sun Sentinel in a telephone interview.

“The kitchen floors were imported from a [European] castle,” Condon said.

Villa Tranquilla's notable price tag isn’t the most expensive property sold this year in Palm Beach County.

In April, a home at 60 Blossom Way sold for about $77 million. The residence was purchased by 60 Blossom Way Trust – which has been tied to billionaire Frank H. McCourt Jr.

Drug addicts around the nation are streaming to South Florida, enticed by assurances of recuperation in a paradise of sunshine and palm trees.

Many Florida treatment centers are agresively marketing in areas of the Northeast as well as the Midwest, areas ravaged by the opioid epidemic, authorities say.

One study discovered that three out of four individuals in personal therapy in Florida are from out of state. Providers entice individuals trying to find a clean slate then push them away after exhausting their insurance policy advantage benefits, according to a report from Palm Beach County.
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Many of those individuals end up on the streets of our areas, returning to drug use and overwhelming authorities and hospitals, the report states.

Paramedics in Palm Beach County, as an example, dealt with 5,000 overdose calls in 2014. The area is working with extra coroners to handle the climbing opioid fatality toll, which jumped from 143 in 2012 to 592 last year.

In Broward County, opioids killed 582 individuals in 2014, and also Chief Medical Supervisor Craig Mallak has stated the figure is most likely to exceed 1,000 in 2017.

Clinical examiners in both counties claim they are having a hard time staying up to date with the bodies of people lured here by a growing variety of therapy centers.

Palm Beach County has the highest variety of qualified drug treatment service providers in the state at 217, compared to 134 in Broward County and 111 in Miami-Dade,according to am analysis of information from the Division of Children and Families.

In only two years, 76 brand-new licenses were released in Palm Beach County and 28 in Broward County. Miami-Dade County saw its number of licensed carriers fall by 11.

In the past, people who lacked funds or insurance coverage might look to charitable treatment programs, which deal with any person regardless of ability to pay. Yet the opioid epidemic has bewildered the system, stated Alton Taylor, CEO of the Drug Abuse Foundation, an openly funded company.

The variety of publicly financed treatment beds in Palm Beach County fell from 467 a decade earlier to 202 today, Taylor said. The number of detox beds -- where a person gets clean prior to starting longer-term therapy -- has gone down from 50 to 24 in 10 years.

Broward County remains in a somewhat better situation with 34 detox beds, claimed Silvia Quintana, CEO of the Broward Behavioral Health Coalition.

Still, individuals without adequate funds or insurance -- unable to get into exclusive therapy-- commonly wait weeks for a bed in a public facility, Taylor said. Some die before they can get help.

Kicked out of a halfway house and from alternatives, 30-year-old Patrick Graney went to the openly financed Substance Abuse Foundation seeking help.

A marketing expert encouraged Graney to go to Florida from Massachusetts in late July to attempt to defeat a 10-year dependency on opioids at a treatment center, stated his mother, Maureen.

When his insurance coverage expired, he found himself on the streets with nowhere to go, she said.

The Drug Abuse Foundation turned Graney away because there wasn\'t a bed, and he died of a drug overdose at a neighboring hotel only hours later, according with a Delray Beach authorities report.

His mother is left to wonder if he had actually entered into that detox program, if he would have been on a bus home.

South East Rods & Customs one-year anniversary of their monthly Classic Car Show is this Saturday, June 24, 2017 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm at Harbourside Place in Jupiter, FL. To celebrate one full year of monthly shows there will be a variety of special celebrations. The feature car of the week is a rare 2005 Ford GT40. Additionally, this week, three winners will be chosen and awarded a plaque for their vehicle entry as well as gift certificates to Harbourside Place restaurants.

At 7:00pm enjoy live music from legendary Fleetwood Mac tribute band, True Rumours. Harbourside Pl
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ace is located at 200 North US Highway 1, Jupiter, FL 33477.

A group of local men and women formed the non-profit, Southeast Rods & Customs, in 2007 for the purpose of helping those in need in the local communities, meeting new friends and having fun with classic cars.

Southeast Rods & Customs’ charitable work earned them the coveted 2011 Eagle One Golden Rule Award for the Most Outstanding Community Service Program in the Southern Region of the United States. The members participate in a toy drive every December that benefits Toys for Tots and a host a show called “Car of Dreams” located in a car museum in North Palm Beach that benefits the Hospice Foundation of Palm Beach County.

Whether you are a classic car owner or an automotive enthusiast, make plans to visit at Harbourside Place every fourth Saturday of the month. You can enjoy the sounds of a tribute band in the evening from Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, The Eagles and many more talented bands.

Harbourside Place was envisioned in 2005 by Allied Capital and Development of South Florida, LLC and the final site plan approved in 2008. With the economy in the midst of a recession, the developer, Mastroianni was driven to find alternative financing, thus introducing the company to an innovating, and then underutilized, financing program known as EB-5.

Construction began in late 2012, and the project team, including Land Planner and Landscape Architect Gentile Glas Holloway O’Mahoney + Associates and Construction Manager, Moss & Associates, amongst many others, celebrated the grand opening in the fall of 2014.

“Harbourside Place has become the major destination venue for the Town of Jupiter,” said George Gentile, Partner of Gentile Glas Holloway O’Mahoney & Associates. “It’s an excellent example of creative land use that offers something for everyone to enjoy.”
At an appearance in England, actor Johnny Depp seemingly joked about assassinating President Trump.

Depp was in Glastonbury at a drive-in movie theater, introducing his 2004 film The Libertine, when he began talking about POTUS, according to The Guardian.
"I think he needs help and there are a lot of wonderful dark, dark places he could go,” Depp said.
Depp even added that his comments would “be in the press,”  then began discussing historic assassinations of presidents.
“When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” he questioned, ref
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erencing John Wilkes Booth assassinating President Abraham Lincoln in 1865.
“I want to clarify, I am not an actor. I lie for a living,” Depp said. “However, it has been a while and maybe it is time.”

Depp’s untimely comments come a week after several politically-motivated events including the shooting of Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise.

In recent weeks, a production of “Julius Caesar” in New York City’s “Shakespeare in the Park” sparked double-sided controversy when the play showed the Roman dictator, seemingly depicted as Trump, being brutally stabbed to death on stage.

Sponsors later pulled out of the event due to the “graphic” nature of the show.
An international team of mathematicians led by University of Pittsburgh Professor Thomas Hales has delivered a formal proof of the Kepler conjecture, a famous problem in discrete geometry. The team’s paper is published in the journal Forum of Mathematics, Pi.

The essay, ‘On the six-cornered snowflake,’ which was written by the German astronomer Johannes Kepler in 1611, contains the statement of what is now known as the Kepler conjecture:
‘no packing of congruent balls in Euclidean three-space has density greater than that of the face-centered cubic packing.&rsq
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This conjecture is the oldest problem in discrete geometry.

The answer to the Kepler conjecture, while not difficult to guess, had been remarkably difficult to prove.

Prof. Hales and his student Sam Ferguson originally announced a proof in 1998, but the solution was so long and complicated that a team of a dozen referees spent years working on checking it before giving up.

“The verdict of the referees was that the proof seemed to work, but they just did not have the time or energy to verify everything comprehensively,” said Henry Cohn, editor of Forum of Mathematics, Pi, and principal researcher at Microsoft Research New England in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“The proof was published in 2005, and no irreparable flaws were ever identified, but it was an unsatisfactory situation that the proof was seemingly beyond the ability of the mathematics community to check thoroughly.”

“To address this situation and establish certainty, Prof. Hales turned to computers, using techniques of formal verification,” Cohn explained.
“He and a team of collaborators wrote out the entire proof in extraordinary detail using strict formal logic, which a computer program then checked with perfect rigor.”
The paper not only settles a centuries-old mathematical problem, but is also a major advance in computer verification of complex mathematical proofs.


Article adapted from Sci News.

If you live in the Southeastern states, you have all ready been at a higher risk of encountering The Lone Star Tick. Experts now say the lone star tick appears to be spreading into additional areas of the US.

Ticks are particularly out in mass numbers this year, and this one species you should be watched out for if you'd ever like to eat meat again.

Experts say the lone star tick appears to be widening from its home base in the southeastern US. Whereas other ticks can spread ailments such as Lyme disease, the lone star tick is troubling because it is believed to trigger a potentia
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lly life-threatening and apparently lifelong meat allergy with its bite.
The tick doesn't technically make people allergic to meat, but rather to a sugar molecule found in red meat known as alpha-gal. This alpha-gal allergy has typically been limited to the southeastern US, where the lone star tick is prevalent, but no more, reports Wired.
Inverse reports that cases have been reported in Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and New York,—in which the consumption of meat can result in hives, difficulty breathing, or death.

Long Island has seen at least 100 cases in the last year. Researchers suspect the spread of the allergy coincides with the spread of lone star ticks, though it's also possible that other ticks are responsible.

Either way, "the nuisance level [for lone star ticks] is much higher than the black-legged tick," an expert tells the Weston Forum. "It is aggressive and very abundant." Researchers are currently studying the effect of a lone star tick bite on mice to determine why it triggers the allergy.
Ford is preparing to introduce a fully-autonomous vehicle in 2021 that doesn't even have a steering wheel, but that does not mean it's stopped believing about the traditional man-machine interface.

Ford's brand-new GT supercar pushes things to the next level by moving most of the vehicle's controls-- consisting of the wipers and turn signals-- onto the front of the wheel, where they're run by a slew of buttons, toggles and knobs.

As with a great deal of efficiency vehicles, there are also paddles behind the wheel that you can use to change gears, b
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ut you still need to use a knob on the center console to choose Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive.

That will not be the case if a patent Ford has actually made an application for becomes reality. Uncovered by Motor 1, the filing explains an automated transmission gear shift that utilizes steering wheel-mounted paddles to handle the PRND thing.

The left one changes between Park, Reverse and Neutral, while the primary paddle is everything about Drive. A number of operating cycles are described, including one that changes through Park and Reverse then stops at Neutral until you put it into Drive.

Still another paddle enables an infinite PRN loop, presuming your foot is on the brake. Strike the left paddle while you're moving and it shifts directly into Neutral -- simply the important things for a showboaty engine rev.

The whole point of this is to open up space on the center console, which Lincoln did by employing a pushbutton transmission control on the dashboard. Ford isn't really the very first to attempt to reimagine the performance of guiding wheel paddles. Chevy Corvettes with manual transmissions utilize them to engage a rev matching function for their seven-speed stick, while pulling on one in the Chevy Volt or Bolt electrical automobiles activates a regenerative braking system that uses their electric motors, rather of the brakes, to slow them down.

For an adrenaline rush, take a virtual ride on the 2017 Ford GT.