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rance price
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We know how tricky writing subject lines can be. We “professors” at Revinate University have been hard at work to uncover subject line insights to help inspire your next campaigns.

Each month, we’re bringing you the best-performing subject lines achieved by our APAC hotel customers from the same time last year. Check out last June’s top five below:



1. Subject line: Your Perfect Summer Getaway

Open rate: 32%

Why we love it: Seasonal and paints the picture f
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or an ideal vacation.


2. Subject line: Wins at World Travel Awards 2017

Open rate: 25%

Why we love it: We all love some recognition. Inspires confidence that the hotel is a leader among peers.


3. Subject line: Is it time to take a break?

Open rate: 24%

Why we love it: Easy to relate to, ignites emotion, and makes recipients curious.


4. Subject line: Join The Weekend Rush…Superior Rooms at Only RM288+!

Open rate: 17%

Why we love it: Creates the fear of missing out and promotes a suite.


5. Subject line: Welcome, July!

Open rate: 16%

Why we love it: The perfect way to start a new month – on vacation at the hotel.


That’s a wrap on the top hotel marketing subject lines for June, based on Revinate’s APAC customer data. We’ll be back next month with the top subject lines for July to inspire your next batch of campaigns. Now go on and get writing!

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What does your daily routine entail? How long can you get through the day without logging on to scroll through Instagram; or popping onto Facebook to see what’s happening in your friendship group? If you’re anything like me, Twitter is your news source.

The way that we interact with social media has changed the dynamics of activism. Never has it been easier to bypass the coverage of bias news outlets and do your own research into what may matter to you. Our peers and influences on these channels shape the way that we
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view the world and inform others of our opinions. Nevertheless, the importance of getting the message right for social media, is still something to consider. While some may luck out on a well-timed tweet, the crowded nature of the social sphere has provoked a new type of content creation. One that stops the user mid-scroll and engages them, sometimes enough for them to share on their own channels.

Image from gettyimages

Creators and agitators have learnt to respond to and provoke with visuals that feed on the 'like reflex' - a term I like to use for visuals that have the ability to pull people in, regardless of the captioning that precedes them. In this era, one small well-documented action has the power of reaching millions, in under 24 hours no less. How is social media is playing a role in that link between artist and activism?

Making something "Instagrammable"

A protest placard has always been the place for a witty slogan, but never has it been more powerful than today, where a single piece of cardboard can go on to reach and influence thousands around the world. Activists now create with social media in mind, knowing full well that a well-thought out message can go viral just as easily as it was created. London’s reaction to Donald Trump’s state visit shows the alternative route creators are taking to protest; the Trump baby blimp stealing the spotlight and hogging our social media feeds for a good 12 hours.

Image from gettyimages

It doesn’t always have to be about politics. Sketch Events recently collaborated with Wieden + Kennedy  to design, build and install a unique giant wave installation made from plastic waste in Shoreditch, just for World Oceans Day. The result was a tide of instagram posts highlighting the effects of plastic pollution. The secret combination - making something aesthetically pleasing and following up with a hard-hitting message to boot.

An immediate response

Some disruptors needn’t even leave the house to have an impact. An immediate response to a political occurrence can cause waves if it provokes an emotional response. Illustrators, designers and typographers need to be switched on at all times to seize the moment. You don’t need to have thousands of followers to go viral; you just need the right message to hit a nerve. Social media allows the opportunity for a single voice to go far and wide and the likes of Veronica Dearly, Jean Jullien and even Banksy are proof of the power. This arouses questions around causation is politics the stimulus for art – or art the stimulus to question politics? My point is that the two go hand in hand in this era, and creatives need to be poised for it. Activism has become a rapid response profession as opposed to a meticulously planned protest.

Image from gettyimages

The power of the influencer

No matter your opinion on influencers, there are those that are creating content for change whether they be artists, musicians or writers. By using their platform creatively, influencers can inform and inspire, from Emily Coxhead’s publication and accompanying social channels ‘The Happy Newspaper’ to Caroline South’s creative use of beach waste within photography. The lifestyles of these content creators pulls people in and aligns them to the same methods of thinking. Just one look to song-writing over the years highlights the power of musicians alone; Blur and Oasis challenging the notion of working class via their music and at the time, heavily backing a young Tony Blair. Now we’ve moved onto Jeremy Corbyn’s grime rappers and South London anti-Tory post punk band, Shame. In 2018, these opinions can be broadcast at the touch of the button, without the need for a TV or radio.

Credit: Emily Coxhead

Community matters

Who needs snail mail anymore? Let’s face it - social media means “being social” via online methods and this in-turn has allowed hundreds of like-minded individuals to connect and come together for a common cause. Private Facebook groups are rife with individuals looking to make change and Instagram is a source for seeking out those with the same point of view. Meetups for protests have become easier and the possibilities of public events are now endless. However, this in turn loses the proactive element behind activism and ultimately could stem true passion. We all know the famous phrasing  of “jumping on a bandwagon” every time a social movement comes along. It’s all about the balance.

How do you think creators respond to activism? Has the ease made us more passive, or do creatives have to actively think more on their feet? Answers on a postcard, or my latest Instagram post.

This is a guest blog and may not represent the views of Virgin.com. Please see virgin.com/terms for more details. Thumbnail from gettyimages.

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Howard Schultz famously said, “When you acknowledge your weaknesses and ask for advice, you’ll be surprised how much others will help.” While he wasn’t referring to the hospitality industry per se, this quote likely rings true for hoteliers who strive to create great experiences and rely on feedback from guests. Luckily, today’s hoteliers have access to a tremendous amount of guest feedback, including in-person comments during the stay, online reviews, and solicited guest surveys. When aggregated and ana
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lyzed, guest feedback can dramatically help hoteliers understand their business and their guests better.

While it’s easy to obsess over every comment and star, it’s important for hoteliers to also step back and understand how they’re faring against others in their region or hotel class. For that reason, we recently put together two Global Hotel Benchmark reports, one for online reviews and one for post-stay guest surveys. Following are just a few of the many insights available in these free reports.


The guest feedback market continues to grow
Despite the fact that guests have been using online review sites for more than a decade, they don’t appear to be tiring of providing guest feedback. In 2017, the total number of online reviews grew by 27%, driven in large part by the rise of Google, which had a 207% increase in reviews over 2016 and now accounts for almost 20% of online reviews.

Similarly, guests are responding to more post-stay surveys than ever before. In addition to 27% more customers signing up for Revinate Surveys, the average survey completion rate went from 16% in 2016 to 18% in 2017. Clearly, hotel guests continue to have an appetite for providing hotels with valuable feedback.


Guests tend to rate hotels better in public reviews than private surveys
Because Revinate offers both a Reputation solution and a Surveys solution, we are in a unique position to understand the comparison between public reviews and private surveys and how they are trending over time.

In 2017, only one segment, luxury hotels, received higher ratings on surveys than online reviews, and that difference was very small. This is a change from 2016, when luxury hotel guests rated hotels slightly higher on online review sites than in solicited surveys.

In both 2016 and 2017, midscale hotel guests rated hotels substantially better on online review sites than in surveys.

Like midscale hotel guests, economy hotel guests rated hotels better on online review sites in both 2016 and 2017, although the difference wasn’t as remarkable.

These findings underscore the importance of both public reviews and private surveys. While online reviews allow them to see trends around what’s top-of-mind with guests, surveys allow hoteliers to drill down on topics to get more pointed feedback about particular services and amenities.


Regional Differences
Across all regions, the average online review score in 2017 was 4.23, up slightly from 4.21 in 2016. Some large European travel markets have lower than average scores, including France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In Asia, Singapore stood out for its improvement in average review score, going from 4.15 in 2016 to 4.23 in 2017. Likewise, China rose from 4.43 to 4.53, making it one of the highest average scores in the world.

The total average rating for Surveys across a select list of global regions is 4.18, unchanged from 2016. Among the cities in review, Amsterdam saw the greatest increase in average rating, up 12%. In the APAC region, Singapore hotels came in right around the global average at 4.16.


Summary: In Practice
From our discussions with tens of thousands of Revinate hotel customers, we know that hoteliers are actively using both online reviews and surveys to understand guest sentiment and make business improvements.

We advise hotels to monitor both sources of feedback closely, understand the top positive and negative trends, and make the feedback actionable. For example, we have seen hoteliers highlight positive sentiment topics in marketing campaigns, while negative feedback can help guide capital improvement plans. In all cases, guest feedback is an invaluable tool for hoteliers to run their hotels.

To learn more about Revinate’s feedback solutions, please visit revinate.com.

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Kittens and cats are very fascinating members of the animal kingdom. A few of them stay wild in the thick forests whilst some of them remain tamed in our residences. Wherever they are, cats and kittens are very fascinating and they possess truly charming characteristics. How much do you have knowledge about cats? Well, we hope to add some more information to you:
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Jose Mourinho has accused Manchester City of not having any class due to some of the content in their All or Nothing documentary.
Cameras caught every moment of City's record-breaking season and some of the content clearly angered the Manchester United manager.
During the behind-the-scenes documentary, footage portrays Mourinho as a defensive-minded manager with narrator Ben Kingsley referring to Mourinho's 'park-the-bus' tactics.
And then there was the f
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ootage after the derby win at Old Trafford where Guardiola delivers a speech to his players about 'killing United.'
Mourinho did not confirm if he had watched any of the eight-part documentary, however, he was asked for his opinion on the programme by Sky Sports.
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"I think you can have a fantastic movie while respecting the others," the United manager said.
"You don't have to disrespect others to have a fantastic movie, but, you can be a rich club and buy the best players in the world, but you can't buy class. And they showed that clearly, that was really obvious."
In the first episode of the documentary Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne speaks about his time at Chelsea and why it didn't work out when Mourinho was in charge.
The Belgian said: "I was only 20 years old when I decided to sign for Chelsea, I got my chance in the first team in the first few games and I thought ‘Okay, everything is going well, played okay and the won the games. One day it just stopped.”
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