Digital Health Obesity Interventions Deliver Underwhelming, Short-Term Results
A new study in which researchers analyzed the results of 11 trials found that web-based weight loss programs can provide moderate short-term results
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Glasgow's super-hospital: Calls for investigation after 'multiple problems' at £842m campus
CALLS have been made for an inquiry into âmultiple problemsâ at Glasgow's £842million s
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uper-hospital which have led to patient deaths, children becoming unwell due to contaminated water and millions being spent on repairs.
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Kylie Jenner Responds to the Most Liked Photo on Instagram @world_record_egg. In todays video I will be playing Kylie Jenners last response to the Egg photo ...



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Inspired by true stories discovered on reddit.com of incredible people that most of us don't know about. This book is a quirky and fascinating collection of people who have changed history, performed amazing feats - or just been incredibly lucky. Read about the jockey who came first in his race - but was dead; the man whose love literally moved mountains; and the pilot who shot down his own plane whilst flying it...and much, muc
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h more. From the sublime to the ridiculous, these stories will entertain, inspire and amaze. A trivia-filled book to dip into and share with friends and family.

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