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Concepts & Inspiration from Milan Fashion Week Men's
Alongside the big name designers, Milan Fashion Week Men's saw the debut of some new names such as Sulvam, GCDS, Poan, Munsoo Kwon,
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Russell Westbrook Actually Wore Vintage NASCAR T-Shirt To Fashion Week
Racing and fashion are two things that people only associate with each other during the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. That is, except for NBA star
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If you live in the Southeastern states, you have all ready been at a higher risk of encountering The Lone Star Tick. Experts now say the lone star tick appears to be spreading into additional areas of the US.

Ticks are particularly out in mass numbers this year, and this one species you should be watched out for if you'd ever like to eat meat again.

Experts say the lone star tick appears to be widening from its home base in the southeastern US. Whereas other ticks can spread ailments such as Lyme disease, the lone star tick is troubling because it is believed to trigger a potentia
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lly life-threatening and apparently lifelong meat allergy with its bite.
The tick doesn't technically make people allergic to meat, but rather to a sugar molecule found in red meat known as alpha-gal. This alpha-gal allergy has typically been limited to the southeastern US, where the lone star tick is prevalent, but no more, reports Wired.
Inverse reports that cases have been reported in Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and New York,—in which the consumption of meat can result in hives, difficulty breathing, or death.

Long Island has seen at least 100 cases in the last year. Researchers suspect the spread of the allergy coincides with the spread of lone star ticks, though it's also possible that other ticks are responsible.

Either way, "the nuisance level [for lone star ticks] is much higher than the black-legged tick," an expert tells the Weston Forum. "It is aggressive and very abundant." Researchers are currently studying the effect of a lone star tick bite on mice to determine why it triggers the allergy.
Fashion show to benefit St. Joseph Memorial Hospital expansion project
The St. Joseph Memorial Hospital Auxiliary will host a fashion show and luncheon fundraiser on Saturday, June 24, to benefit the hospital's
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Drake Debuts “Signs” at Louis Vuitton's Paris Fashion Week Show [VIDEO]
As promised new Drake music has arrived. On Thursday afternoon, The Hip-Hop star debuted new sounds during Louis Vuitton's SS2018 showing at
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Listen To Drake's New Song “Signs”
... style director Kim Jones announced news the brand would debut a new Drake song yesterday, June 21, to coincide with Paris Fashion Week.
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Listen to Drake's New Song, “Signs,” and Watch a Louis Vuitton Fashion Show
After promising as much yesterday, Drake has released his new song, "Signs," in conjunction with Louis Vuitton. It plays out at the six-minute mark in
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Hi Dr C here. Today I will show you a video that has simple tips from an acupuncturist, Reno. It will help you with controlling your diabetes. It can't hurt to give them a try.

Reno Acupuncturist Dr. William Clearfield is also a medical doctor. He is classified as a Medical Acupuncturist.

Medical Acupuncture is performed by a physician who is trained and licensed in conventional Western medicine and has extensive training in acupuncture and Eastern medicine philosophies.

This approach allows the doctor to use a combination of both approaches to treat an illness, injury or
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chronic condition.

Dr. Clearfield would like to introduce you to Jasmine Modi for today's Acupuncture Tip.

Today we are going to talk about diabetes. Diabetes is an epidemic in today's time. To control

diabetes you need to exercise one hour six times a week and control your diet.

There is no shortcut to it. To activate pancreas you can stimulate a point on

your ear with the help of your seeds or you can permanently Pierce the point and

wear a gold earring.

acupuncture tip of the day. Wear a gold ring on right

hand center finger to activate your pancreas in longer period.

Medical Acupuncturist Reno

More info Call 775-848-4890 http://drclearfield.net/medical-acupuncture/

Leading expert in treating symptoms of aging.

Medical Acupuncture Reno at Clearfield Medical Group
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Summer show for fashion students
The Wakefield College students showed off their their final year pieces at a summer fashion show in The Ridings' new middle mall events space.
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Princess Beatrice and Eugenie wear show-stopping outfits to the V&A Summer Party
Meanwhile, back in May, Princess Beatrice looked striking in a show-stopping blue maxi-skirt at Diseal's Child At Heart fashion show. The design
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