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Clemmie Hooper and Cherry Healey having fun before the camera rolls. Check out our behind the scenes bloopers!
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On each day of December, open up the numbered doors to find a fantastic Big City toy inside. What do you think it will be...a helicopter or a cool fire engine perhaps? Great for pretend play, little ones will love adding to their Big City collection each day and be ready for racing, chasing fun! Let the exciting countdown to Christmas begin!
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What do you do about a dog that shows aggression towards strangers and children and also pulls on the leash. You can use the 180 move with a prong collar to stop the dog from pulling on walks. This gives the dog better spacial awareness and it will begin to focus on the handler. Using a long line rather than allowing the dog to be off leash can help get an aggressive dog under control. This allows the handler to correct the dog whenever it gets aggressive towards other people.
Jeff Gellman
Solid K9 Training
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; Solid K9 Training http://solidk9training.com/
• RV Dog Trainer ... http://www.rvdogtrainer.com/
• https://cooldogtricks.com/
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Solid K9 Training, founded by award-winning, internationally-acclaimed dog trainer Jeff Gellman, is one of the nations most effective and respected dog training services providing no-nonsense, "Real World" training methods throughout New England. Serving dog owners from Hartford, CT to Boston, MA in our multifaceted, secure and 24/7 staffed Solid K9 Training Center in Providence, RI, as well as all throughout the nation with Jeff's wildly successful RV Dog Trainer Tour. We will train any dog, regardless of breed, shape, size or history. We work to fix all dog behavior issues including excessive barking, growling, snapping, nipping, dog aggression (fighting), human aggression (biting), child aggression, pulling on leash, leash aggression, leash reactivity, skateboard reactivity, resource guarding, jumping on people, fear issues, anxiety issues, separation anxiety, chewing and destroying household items, running away, not listening, door bolting, stealing food, getting into the trash, cat aggression, chasing game, and killing animals/game. We also have a renowned reputation specializing in obedience training, which includes heeling and walking properly on a leash, sit/stay, down/stay, place, recall training (come to owner), and crate training. Our Training services include Board and Train behavioral modification, 1 on 1 Training, Obedience Classes, Puppy Training programs, Boarding / Board & Play, Daycare, and many free dog training resources including Dog training advice videos, dog training webinars, and Dog Training Q and A videos on Periscope on Monday and Wednesday nights. Our behavior modification training is cutting edge, using techniques like modern low level E-collar (remote collar) training and food and clicker training. Solid K9 Training has a worldwide reputation of being able to handle the most challenging dog behaviors and often times other dog trainers will refer their more serious cases to us.
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Looking for DIY diaper cake ideas? A motorcycle diaper cake is a creative baby shower gift for boys and girls. See below for our motorcycle diaper cake instructions. Check out more Pampers diaper cake ideas and learn how to make a diaper cake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnMcfNSSO1c&index=3&list=PLEO5ZutnaN0M29zo5dAB4RK_invkjMInB

1. What You’ll Need:
72 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers (size 1 or 2), 1 8" cake pan, 1 empty paper towel tube, 2 receiving blankets, 2 bibs, 1 baby bottle, Rubber bands, Decorative bows (or you can tie ribbon into s
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mall bows as well), 1 pair of baby mittens or socks, Approximately 2 yards of 1.5" wide ribbon, Approximately 2 yards of 0.5" wide ribbon to layer on top (optional).

2. Make the Wheels.
Fan 24 Pampers Diapers against the edge of the cake pan to create a spiral. Place the paper towel tube in the spirals and secure with a rubber band around the spiral, then remove the spiral from the pan and set aside. Repeat this process two more times to make three wheels in total, however, don’t add the tube to the center of the last two spirals.

3. Assemble the Wheels.
Wrap a piece of ribbon around each wheel to cover the rubber band. Secure the ends of the ribbon to each other with a dot of hot glue. Thread the paper towel tube through the center hole of one of the other wheels. The tube should now connect two wheels, and these will be your back wheels. Place your third (front) wheel in the space between the back wheels.

4. Tie the Wheels Together.
Fold a receiving blanket in half diagonally, then roll it into a tube shape. Thread it through the paper towel roll, then thread an end through the front wheel so all three wheels are connected. Tie the blanket ends together with a rubber band, slide the blanket around so the knot ends up inside the paper towel tube, then hide the exposed paper towel roll with ribbon.

5. Make the Seat.
Roll a single Pampers Diaper into a roll. Wrap four more Pampers Diapers around this one and secure it with a rubber band. Cover the rubber band with ribbon, place the seat between the two back wheels, and place a bib over the seat.

6. Add the Front Fender and Headlight.
Place a second bib on top of the front wheel to make the front fender and a bottle on top with the cap/nipple facing backward for the headlight.

7. Create the Handlebar & Decorate.
Fold a second receiving blanket in half diagonally, roll it into a tube shape and secure with rubber bands. Thread it through the hole of the front wheel, pull the ends upward, and secure them over the top of the bottle with a rubber band. Put mittens on the ends of the receiving blanket to make the handgrips and decorate with a stuffed animal. And there you have it! One super-cool motorcycle diaper cake!

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This Pampers baby shower video about DIY diaper cake ideas features a motorcycle diaper cake; learn how to make a diaper cake with the above DIY diaper cake instructions.
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Princess diaper cakes and castle diaper cakes are popular diaper cake ideas for baby girls. See below for princess diaper cake instructions or watch the full princess castle diaper cake tutorial to learn how to make a diaper cake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EnlI7SFCpk&index=9&list=PLEO5ZutnaN0M29zo5dAB4RK_invkjMInB

Find the princess diaper cake instructions here: http://www.pampers.com/en-US/-/media/Pampers/Pampers-US/Images/Articles/Primary/PDFs/PrincessDiaperCake_English.pdf?la=en-US&v=1-201511120348

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This Pampers baby shower video features our princess diaper cake for baby girls; learn how to make a diaper cake using our diaper cake instructions or by watching the full princess castle diaper cake tutorial.
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Up to 10 Manchester United players could leave the club in a mass summer exodus, according to reports.
Luke Shaw could lead the departures following United manager Jose Mourinho's criticism of his performance against Brighton, when he was substituted at half-time.
The Mirror reports the left-back will look to play somewhere else next season - and that he isn't the only one who could be on his way.
Daley Blind, Matteo Darmian and Marouane Fellaini are also expected to leave this summer along with Michael Carrick , who will retire at the end of the season, and Zlatan Ibrahimovi
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c .
While there have been numerous reports over the future of those players, the report also claims Mourinho is considering the futures of four other players including fan favourite Anthony Martial.
It states Mourinho has had a meeting with Ed Woodward over his plans for next season and Ander Herrera, Juan Mata, Martial and Chris Smalling are all said to be under threat of being moved on.
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It comes after Mourinho laid in to his players following the FA Cup win against Brighton which secured a semi-final clash at Wembley against Spurs.
The United boss claimed a number of his players would have preferred to have been on the bench in the win at Old Trafford and questioned their desire to play and personality.
"I had a reaction from some of them, some of them were mentally strong enough and with quality to play," Mourinho told MUTV.
"A team of 11 if you don't have a minimum of six or seven players playing with responsibility so I'm not happy with the performance at all."
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