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43cm doll. BABY born Interactive now has 9 functions and 11 accessories, with no batteries required! Doll functions include controlled wetting & pooping on the potty, drinking & feeding, tearing, opening/closing eyes, moving arms/legs and is bathable. Colours and styles may vary. For ages 3 years and over.BABY born Interactive has 9 functions and 11 accessories
Complete with outfit, bottle, nappy, food, putty, bowl, spoon
Comes with a charm for child and doll to wear
Complete with outfit, bottle, nappy, food, potty, bowl, spoon
Suitable age: 3 years +
No batteries required
No batteries required!
Contents: BABY born with bodysuit and hat. Including 1 plate with 1 spoon, 1 portion of porridge, 1 bottle, 1 potty, 1 nappy, 1 dummy with 1 dummy chain, 1 birth certificate.
1 friendship bracelet each for the girl and her doll.