The best way to follow up with a sales lead is with email. Follow up email campaigns can be automated, set to send out different messages over a period of time after someone enters the sales funnel. These emails can promote discounted offers, contain whitepapers or other marketing collateral, include links to schedule a meeting or take some preferred action.

Email is the best way to follow up with sales leads because it is inexpensive and easy to set up. And the ROI on email marketing is still higher than any other marketing channel available.

Direct Mail.
The best way to follow up with a sales lead is with direct mail. A physical mailing gets the point across way better than an email can, and that’s because it is more impactful to hold something in your hand.

Direct mail also benefits from its seeming decline. Email has become so easy, and so commonplace, and a direct mailing really helps you stand out from the crowd.

You can send a postcard or letter, a pamphlet or flyer. You can send a coupon, or a sign up form, or something that better highlights the benefits of your product vs. the competition.

The best way to follow up with a sales lead is a text message. A text message cuts right through the clutter and gets seen – immediately in most cases. Unlike direct mail, it’s instant and cheap. And unlike email, its unique and unlikely to get missed or ignored.

With a text message, you can send a link to important pages on your website, limited time offers, or a reminder to call you back at a certain time.

Phone Call.
The best way to follow up with a sales lead is with a phone call. Outbound dialing campaigns can connect you directly with the prospective customer in a way that is more personal than any message. Through a simple conversation, you are able to showcase all of the benefits of your service and find out what the lead is looking for in a product.

Unlike other channels, the likelihood of closing a deal once you get someone on the phone is much higher. And there are thousands of skilled sales men and women out there who can sell to anyone over the phone.

The Truth Is…
There is no single best way to follow up with a sales lead.

Okay, you got me. But this isn’t just a post about all the different ways to follow up with someone in your funnel. Nor is this one of those, “it depends” answers.

The most successful sales and marketing teams use a combination of some or all of the above channels, and continue to fine tune their messaging on each one over time.

There are a wide variety of consumers out there, and each is likely to respond to different sales channels and techniques slightly differently. By incorporating a number of different outreach methods into your follow up strategy, you cast the widest possible net.

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