Hesed is a commitment word that mentions the love and also mercy through which God has actually committed Himself to us. It is the guarantee of Gods faithfulness toward us, for God keeps His pledges. When the scenarios of our life begin to slide and slip, the commitment love and also mercy of God pertains to stabilize us, to strengthen us and keep us from dropping. Anxiousness attempts to overwhelm us with a plethora of worrisome thoughts and fill us with questions. Somebody has defined concern, really precisely, I believe, as meditating on the lies of the devil. The enemy comes and murmurs points right into our ears to consume our ideas and obtain us into fear. If we let ourselves contemplate them, we offer life to them. My wife calls these murmurs the "what if " voices: What happens if our cars and truck breaks down? What if we cant spend for it? What if we get ill?