World Of Football - West Bridgford Dog Training Nevertheless, dogs still maintain a pack mentality which means they are social animals familiar with routine and social structure. Your dog will thrive on interaction with other dogs and people and without this social experience dogs often become anxious, unhappy, and agitated. Moreover, dogs need routine. When they know when they are likely to be doing certain things, they feel more relaxed because they know what to expect. You can use this knowledge about the origins of dogs to facilitate training. Reward your dog's good behaviours with playtime or other social interaction. And when tra Read Moreining, you need to create a routine that is consistent so that your dog may more easily understand your expectations. Furthermore, as pack animals, dogs will want to have a good secure leader, so as his leader you need to provide clear, fair, and consistent behavior for your dog to understand this hierarchy. What Does a Dog Remember? Dogs tend to have shorter retention spans so training must be focused on the now. Fri, 30 Oct 2020 09:00:33 UTC en