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Proven Psychological Techniques to Increase Motivation, Lose Weight, and Finally Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Based on the international bestseller, “How Successful People Think Differently”,
now EXPANDED AND UPDATED exclusively for weight loss.

Science-Backed Mind Hacks to Help You Lose Weight Fast

This is not a dieting book.

Nor is it a book containing a bunch of exercise routines.

This is a no-nonsense guide containing powerful, scientifically proven principles to help you avoid Temptations, stick to a diet and go to the gym.


1 -- A Powerful Technique for Overcoming Temptations.
Learn the powerful "I Don't" strategy for avoiding temptations. You can use this simple strategy to say “no” to unhealthy desserts and avoid the temptation of skipping your gym sessions. In a research study, this simple strategy raised participants’ chances of sticking to sticking to health-related goals from 10% to 80%.

2 -- Why Suppressing Your Food Cravings Doesn't Work.
Learn why trying to suppress your cravings doesn’t work - and a strategy which does.

3 -- An Effective Goal Setting Technique for Maximum Weight Loss.
Master how to use the power of goal setting to finally lose the fat.

4 -- How to Stick to Your Workouts and Diets.
Learn the powerful “if-then” planning technique to stick to your workouts. In a research study, 91% of participants who used the if-then strategy achieved their goal of exercising regularly as compared to only 39% of those who didn’t use it.

5 -- A Simple Five Minute Technique to Conquer Procrastination.
Use the simple five-minute technique to help you overcome procrastination and get to the gym and get started on that workout.

6 -- The Right (And Wrong) Way to Track Your Progress.
Learn how to keep track of your progress to stay motivated - and how to avoid a deadly mistake that could ruin your progress.

7 -- Why Realistic Optimists Lose More Weight (and how you can too!)
Discover how being a realistic optimist can increase your chances of meeting your weight loss goals. In one study, participants were realistic optimists lost 24 pounds more than those who did not.

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Not only will these techniques in this guide help you increase your motivation, control your urges and develop the sexy, healthy body you’ve always wanted, they will also help you achieve more success in ANY area of your life.

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