Volodymyr Zelensky literally left his mark on America’s pastime … the world leader autographed a baseball that’s up for auction, and the sale will help relief efforts in Ukraine. The Ukrainian President signed his last name on the baseball in two different languages … Ukrainian cursive and English print … with his signature right below a Major League Baseball logo. Zelensky left his John Hancock on the ball back in September 2019, during a visit to New York. The ball comes with a letter signed by Volodymyr Yelchenko, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United Nations at the time. The baseball is going up for sale through RR Auction … where it’s expected to fetch at least $15,000. Randy L. Kaplan, a government affairs specialist in New York, got the ball as a gift from Yelchenko … Randy’s been collecting signed Major League baseballs from world leaders and heads of state since 1996, starting with Bill Clinton . The auction house says the ball is in “very fine” condition and Kaplan plans to donate a portion of proceeds from the sale to a Ukrainian relief fund … RR says they will donate their cut to the same fund. There are already 13 bids on the baseball, and the auction runs through May 11.