Menthol therapy is a method to treat fungal scalp conditions. It is also used to treat dandruff and to relieve thrush. Its oil is cooling and antiseptic. It can be applied to all types of scalp conditions.
There are many ways to apply the oil of menthol therapy. A small amount of oil is placed on the scalp and massaged in using the fingertips. Gently massaging it into the hair roots stimulates circulation and helps to keep hair healthy. The hair is greasy when new growth begins and dries out as it matures.
The next step is to apply the oil to the affected areas. Areas that respond quickly to treatment will usually receive faster results. It should be applied a few times a week for optimal results. Treatments are normally recommended every four to six weeks. Treatment may be continued if symptoms persist after the initial treatment.
The scalp should not be exposed to shampoo for extended periods of time. Shampoo strips should also not be used for treating fungal conditions since they strip hair of oils. This causes the hair to become dry and brittle. Hair should be thoroughly washed each day using an antifungal shampoo, such as Nizoral Shampoo.
Mild to moderate itching is common with this treatment. It is relieved by gently rubbing the area. Overuse can cause stinging and redness. For those individuals who have sensitive skin, some manufacturers prefer to use a dab of the oil on a cotton ball and then put the cotton ball in the mouth. Sensitive individuals should test a small amount on a patch of skin first. Some people find that the odor makes them gag, which may make the treatment uncomfortable.
Using a thinned paste made from menthol leaves or capsules can help stop hair loss. Ingredients include menthol, Rosemary and arnica. A thinned paste can be applied to the scalp and massaged in. It should be left on for 30 minutes to allow the ingredients to penetrate the hair and scalp.
As with any health care product, consumers should check with their health care provider about the possible side effects associated with menthol therapy. Some individuals experience a slight stinging when using shampoo. Others might notice that their hair becomes dry or brittle. Still others might notice that their hair returns to its natural oiliness or luster after shampooing. If you are experiencing any of these adverse reactions, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
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