Issey Kobori In ELLE.com’s monthly series Office Hours, we ask people in powerful positions to take us through their first jobs, worst jobs, and everything in between. This month, we spoke with Trinity Mouzon Wofford, the co-founder of the Instagram-favorite wellness brand Golde. Mouzon Wofford started the business with her partner and high school sweetheart Issey Kobori in 2017 when she was just 23 years old. Since then, Golde’s range of beauty and wellness products—everything from superfood latte blends to exfoliating face masks—have landed on the shelves of Target, Madewell, and more. (I n 2019, Mouzon Wofford became the youngest Black woman to launch her brand at Sephora.) Now, she’s passionate about sharing what she’s learned with the next class of founders. “When I started my business, I didn’t know anything,” Mouzon Wofford told ELLE.com. “I felt like it was important to talk about how this actually worked, because entrepreneurship right now is so sexy and exciting, but there’s not a lot of transparency into what goes into that.” The CEO shares some of her biggest takeaways from the past five years, including the worst career advice she’s ever received and the beauty of starting a company when no one’s watching. Issey Kobori My first job
It was at this frozen yogurt shop, the very first one that came to our town in upstate New York. I remember feeling like I had the coolest job. I just weighed people’s custom fro-yo, but it does feel in keeping with my future path that I started off in this fun, slightly wellness-y space. Any customer service job is so valuable, and I take a lot of those lessons with me, even in my work as a CEO, because so much of what you’re doing is just an extension of customer service. How my mother influenced my career
My mom raised me as a single parent, and she deals with an autoimmune condition called rheumatoid arthritis. It’s always been pretty severe, and when I was a teenager, my mom started seeing this holistically-minded doctor who prescribed different alternative therapies to improve her symptoms, and she noticed a massive change. I decided I wanted to be a doctor too and help people through this lens of nutrition and total body wellness. I was pre-med in college, until I found out my mom had to stop seeing that doctor because she couldn’t afford it anymore. That was pivotal for me and forced me to consider what exactly I wanted to do in this wellness world and how accessibility c