AAX 1 Year Anniversary

2021 is almost upon us. But here’s the thing. 2021 will be TOO LATE to invest in the MOST EXPLOSIVE coins. Because by January the gains will be flying all around. The name of the game is accumulation for the impending altcoin season. If anything, the last week has shown us that when the altcoins start running, there is no telling where they will stop. While everyone is eyeing the top coins… Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, & Litecoin, it’s time for us to put our hard hats on and go mining for the real gems. Today I’m giving you 7 EXPLOSIVE Coins for 2021

00:00 Intro

01:51 Overview and method

03:55 #7 BAT

04:38 #6 SAND

06:01 #5 EGLD

06:48 #4 BAND

07:33 AAX

11:44 #3 Cosmos

12:39 #2 DASH

13:56 #1 VChain

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