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Times Tables Rock! - Maths will never sound the same again™ Bored of the usual Times Tables CD's? Find them all a little bit samey and repetitive? Too Childish for older kids? Want to dance whilst you sing? Children, Teenagers, Adults, Teachers and Maths Specialists love this new CD which features the Times Tables from 2x to 12x in a way you've never heard before. Professionally produced Rock, Pop, Jazz and blues music with the times tables makes this a CD which you'll really enjoy listening to. Taking inspiration from the rock and pop charts the Times Tables Rock! CD is definitely different. Times Tables Rock! has been loved by children in Key stages 1 and 2 as well as by teenagers and adults. Bonus tracks include the Times Tables without any answers so you can go straight to giving answers and testing yourself. The CD track numbers correspond to the Times Tables so finding a track in the class room or car is easy (eg. Track Five is the Five Times Table). Produced following the feedback of thousands of parents, teachers and children this CD is recorded with fun and entertainment in mind and is a learning experience like no other...Maths really will never sound the same again whether you're in school, at home, in the car or out and about. The CD is DRM free and can be trans-coded to your MP3 player. Times Tables Rock! is used by parents and teachers across the UK. The CD is also very popular in New Zealand and Australia and is available via the Amazon MP3 service too should you prefer a digital delivery. The CD comes with a booklet in the front which contains the full Times Tables along with hints and tips for children starting out on learning the tables. We love customer feedback - please send any questions, queries or suggestions through Amazon and we'll usually be able to respond quickly. Get Rocking!Times Tables Songs from 2x to 12x
Bonus tracks without the answers
Brand New CD
Can be used in the home, the car and the classroom
Used in schools around the world