The Research article linked below that I have just read raises a few key points for me.

There are many anecdotal stories from people who say that they have benefited three years after some intensive training in mindfulness meditation. Whether this be a formal one-week retreat or one of the many seven or eight-week programs around. The intensity of activity over the period does seem to change traits in our brains.

Slight disagreement I would have with the article is there are now approaches to mindfulness that can be practised in as little as 10 minutes a day, and that can even be split into 2 - 5 minute episodes. And moreover, you don\'t even need to close your eyes to do them. This is an approach I have frequently used with clients and teach on the live workshops. If you want to look up further have a look at Unified Mindfulness. They offer a free online training.

The article below is written by Tom Jacobs, senior staff writer of Pacific Standard. He specializes in social science, culture, and learning.



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