What Are The Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding?

All women dream of their wedding and many plan it from a young age. However, what alternatives are there available to you if a traditional church wedding is not how you envision your big day? Here are six alternative options that may appeal to you instead.

1. The Beach Wedding.

2. The Costume Party Theme Wedding.

3. The Theme Park Wedding.

4. The Back Yard Casual Wedding.

5. The County Hall Wedding.

6. The Overseas Wedding.

A wedding day should be one that is special to you and your partner. Whatever style of wedding that you chose, ensure that it is one that conforms to your choices and don't be pushed into something that does not appeal to you by family members.

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Top Six Benefits of Eloping

Bucking tradition in favor of a small, intimate wedding is an increasingly common choice. Here are some of the best reasons to consider running away for your wedding day.

Fewer opportunities for pushy family members to take control
No need for a wedding planner, caterer or florist.
You will not start your life together with loads of debt.
You can combine your wedding and honeymoon.
You can have a casual or low-key reception later on.
Much less stress.

Choosing to elope is not for everyone, but if the idea of a large wedding with lots of guests frightens you, it may be the best decision you make as a couple for the reasons mentioned in this article.

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