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Temperature Food Hygiene Log Book with 6 months of records - To minimise the risk of bacteria multiplying on food, it should be stored and prepared at the correct temperature. The Food Hygiene Regulations (2006) state that cold food should be stored below 8°C and hot food above 63°C. Enforcement authorities (EHOS) recommend that cold food is stored at temperatures of 5°C or below. Frozen food should be stored below -18 °C. To comply with current legislation, the Thermometer World temperature log book has been produced to assist with the requirement for a documented food safety management system based on the principal of HACCP. Each temperature log book will enable you to record temperatures each day over a six month period. - Each page represents a full week with up to four temperature readings taken and recorded each day. - The location, type of equipment being used and the date and/or week number of use can be entered at the top of each page. - The monitor can complete the record sheet by noting the time and temperature and add other relevant comments.Capable for recording 6 months of temperatures
Suitable for Caterers, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Hotels etc
Easy to keep clean with easy wipe cover
Ideal For Food Hygiene Temperature Control