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Live healthier, perform better. Resilience is the ability to deal with challenges, changes and unexpected setbacks in a positive and meaningful way. How can you develop your resilience more effectively?

Based on the cutting edge of research, this book describes the social and structural factors that contribute to the development of the 7 skills that make up resilience. It aims to empower the reader to draw up a development plan, and be resilient in a professional context marked by uncertainty and complexity.

If positive stress is normal and healthy, dysregulation through hyperactivity can lead to confusion, frustration, illness and burnout. Professionals, executives and leaders living a pace of intense work, need to develop their skills to deal with pressure, stress, criticism, disappointment, irritants and changes.

This book makes it possible, among other things, to prepare for the challenges that accompany major professional transitions (job changes, promotion, career development, preparation for retirement).