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Real FX is next generation slotless racing which provides the most realistic driving experience in R/C cars ever created. Each car is fitted with infrared Opto sensors which read the track at 200 times per second this artificial intelligence means a second car can drive around the track by itself and compete against you! Overtake opponents and deal with track hazards, from tyre blowouts to oil spills in this truly innovative racing system. It's like video gaming meets slot racing, but in real life and of course with no slots!The most realistic racing - outside of a real car on a real track
No slots, no lanes - overtake anywhere on track with 'Ackerman' style steering
The best of all 3! - said Pistonheads (referring to Video games, Slot racers and R/C)
Realistic race play & hazards - overtake anywhere on track, oil spills, lap times, mechanical failures, tyre blow outs and more
Artificial intelligence - helps you stay on the track
Battery systems lasts longer- compared with other systems (Real FX = Over 4 hours!)
Single or multi-player action! - switch your second car into Ai pace car mode for single player race duels
Batteries 6 AA & 6 AAA batteries required
consumer services for help: 01702 200660