5:42 PM PT — Word is, the spit-receiver is Mike’s younger brother — which … doesn’t make us feel any better about this. Still weird … still gross. A famous pastor out of Oklahoma got very literal in his sermon this weekend about seeing God’s hazy vision for ourselves in 2022 — needing to hawk one to make his point. Michael Todd, who leads the Transformation Church in Tulsa, conjured up grossed-out reactions from his congregation Sunday during his service — which was being streamed for the folks at home. The reason … he wiped his own spit all over the face of a parishioner, who was up there volunteering for the yuck fest. manz stood there and spit on some to pass a message… pic.twitter.com/O8hxOeFGZG — u ain’t . (@bstdownbarbiana) January 16, 2022 @bstdownbarbiana Even crazier … the guy just stood there and took it!!! Check out this video of the moment it happened — it’s surreal to see, because Mike really builds up to it with a lot of theater. The whole purpose of doing this, it seems, was to emphasize his analogy about how “receiving vision from God might get nasty.” We’ll let him do the explaining — ’cause, frankly, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us — but he seems to be saying … sometimes, you’ll  have to go through some muck to fulfill God’s will. Or … something like that! Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media. It’s ironic … as the audience gasps in horror at his weird stunt, MT fully leans into it … arguing that’s the exact sort of response one will get for answering God’s call, no matter how counterintuitive it might feel … like letting someone rub a bunch of loogies/saliva on your mug. Of course, he’s getting totally roasted online over this … as is this poor guy who allowed himself to be the guinea pig. Y’know … on account of the pandemic and all. Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media. Just doesn’t seem safe … even if God cosigns. Originally Published — 5:23 PM PT