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he kinetic toy ring on your arm and rolls down from one arm to another arm and watch the flow rings come to life in a galactic vertical vortex and effortlessly roll down your arm. Get your amazing kinetic spinner rings spinner ring arm slinkey multicolor flow rings kinetic spring bracelet now!
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The DASH DIET is a smart method to approach a healthy lifestyle. It is developed to assist the high blood pressure and heart problem. Learn more about DASH stages, standards, and grocery list.
DASH diet plan has numerous meal strategies and recipes for dinner, breakfast and lunch menu so it is not as boring as other diets. Compliment your menu with smoothies, desserts, and snacks.

This diet is promoted by the national heart, lung, and blood institute a United States government company and has actually been developed predominantly to lower high blood pressure. The dash diet plan has actually b
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een developed by emphasizing on a healthy life by making changes to the dietary practices of an individual. The diet plan includes a diet plan that is high in fruits, veggies, low-fat dairy items, entire grain, red meat and a restricted amount of sweetened sugar food. The dash diet plan recommends that an individual consumes more low-fat dairy drinks like low-fat milk and eat more of fruits and veggies.

The dash diet plan is a well-balanced diet that places a focus on healthy eating and healthy food and appropriates for use by everyone and it helps in reducing blood pressure, high blood pressure as well as assists you lower the threat of heart conditions.

The dash diet plan is also flexible adequate to allow a dieter to adjust the diet plan to consist of food that you like and stay healthy as long as you moderate the quantity of food that a person eats.

The main focus of the dash diet plan is to assist an individual reduce the blood pressure. This is done by managing exactly what an individual consumes and the quantity of food that an individual eats. One of the crucial elements of the dash diet plan is to assist a person decrease the consumption of sodium, salt is understood to have a direct effect on one's high blood pressure and greater amounts of sodium in your food can lead to hypertension. Based on a person's requirements, there are 2 variations of the dash diet, a basic variation where the day-to-day salt consumption is roughly 2300mg or a low salt variation where the sodium intake is around 1500mg per day. The typical individual usually eats a diet plan that has 3500mg of salt in their food; by reducing the sodium levels the dash diet helps people reduce their high blood pressure.
Source: https://mammahealth.com/dash-diet-plan/
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How Can I Convince My Elderly Parent to See an Eye Doctor?

It’s their fears and emotions that may be getting in the way of obtaining needed eye care.

If you’re helping an elderly parent or family member and you know they need medical or eye care Houman Ahdieh, MD but they’re reluctant or unwilling to get it, here are some things to think about.

Is the person mentally compet
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ent? Whether because of some form of dementia, psychological issues or due to the side effects of medications, the person may be incapable of making health care decisions for themselves. If they are seeing physician inform him or her of the problem and try to get their help. Unless you’re the agent on a health care power of attorney or the person has signed a release, the doctor probably won’t tell you much because of privacy issues, but that doesn’t stop you from letting the doctor know what’s going on at home. If you genuinely think the person isn’t mentally competent you should consult with an attorney to discuss if being appointed a guardian (enabling you to make healthcare decisions) might be appropriate.

Is transportation the issue? If the person can’t drive themselves to appointments, are there other ways to get him or her there? Are there other trustworthy, reliable people who can provide transportation? Is public transportation, using a taxi, Uber or Lyft an option? The person may feel that because of physical problems they feel like they’re a burden on others because they need help with transportation. Let the person know you, and maybe others, are ready, willing and able to help. Make it clear helping them is not a burden.

Is money an issue? Do they have Medicare? If so, what are the co-payments? Can the person afford them? If not, might the person qualify for Medicaid? Can family members pitch in to help pay the bills? The person may have the money but fear spending it because they don’t want to outlive their savings. The cost of co-payments for eye procedures may not be as high as the person thinks. Call our office so we can talk about what should be expected costs, possibly paying over time and you can work out how costs could be paid.

Do they feel declining health is just something that comes with age and needs to be tolerated? They may have resigned themselves to bad eyesight, aching knees or incontinence because they’re old. You need to talk about how effective treatments can improve their life and that they don’t need to suffer.

Do they fear a procedure because they heard from someone who had a bad experience? The person may have a heard a horror story (true or not) from someone they know. Medical professionals take every precaution to prevent problems. You should emphasize millions of people have had procedures to help with their eyesight without any problems and they end up living much better, not worse, lives.

If we can help in any way with a loved who needs eye care, please call us at 610-437-4988 or contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns whether it’s about eye surgery, possible side effects or financial issues. Seeing well is an important part of living well and it’s something all of us, especially the elderly, should enjoy.

Houman Ahdieh, MD
Lehigh Valley Center for Sight
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