If you suffer from speech anxiety then online therapy may be an effective method to help you overcome your problem. Online therapy is a method of treatment that does not require the expense of visiting a therapist or attending weekly therapy sessions. You can treat your speech anxiety at home at any time that suits your schedule. The only downside of using speech anxiety online therapy is that it takes longer to see results.
Phobophobia is the fear of hearing certain sounds. Some people have this phobia, even though they do not hear the sound directly. Some individuals have a sudden onset of anxiety when they hear certain noises. This speech anxiety can take many forms. Some people become anxious when exposed to their own speaking voice.
Some people become anxious when they have to speak to someone they do not know. They fear that the other person will notice their discomfort and find out what is causing their discomfort. Some people are just afraid of having public speech exposure. Their fear of being judged causes them to feel anxious when in social situations. Having a speech anxiety disorder can make it very difficult for them to work or go to school.
There are several ways to treat speech anxiety. Prescription medication may be prescribed by a doctor in order to help control the symptoms of speech anxiety. The medications may be used to treat depression as well. There are also natural cures for speech anxiety disorder. They include dietary changes, behavioral therapy, and hypnosis.
Dietary changes include avoiding foods that have been known to trigger attacks. Some foods that are known to cause a speech anxiety disorder include onions, garlic, and dairy products. Eating foods with zinc are beneficial because zinc helps to control muscle tension. Stress can also lead to speech anxiety.
Behavioral therapy is another way to help treat your anxiety. It involves re-training the way you think about yourself and others. This therapy usually lasts about 30 minutes a day for about a month. Online therapy using video games or self-hypnosis is also available to treat your speech problem.
Hypnosis is also used to treat the disorder. It involves going into a trance like state and letting the subconscious come forth. Once this is done you can gain control over your fears. This will usually result in an improvement in your speech ability. Speech therapy has been shown to be very effective and with time you will get better.
If you are suffering from a speech anxiety