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This wheel clamp is made from heavy duty steel and fits wheels with 14" to 16" rims. Adjustable for wheel diameter and width, this clamp covers the wheel nuts, wheel trims, and alloy wheels.

Insurance approved and independently tested, this clamp has a high-security pick-free lock that is dust, water, and corrosion-proof, with electroplated arms for added corrosion protection.Stronghold wheel clamp 14 - 16 inch
Triangular wheel clamp suitable for wheel and tyre combinations with a total diameter of 650mm to 850mm and tyre widths of 185mm to 250mm
Fully adjustable and versatile heavy duty triangulation clamp which requires setting once only
Electro-plated arms for corrosion protection and features a corrosion and waterproof pick-free lock type
Complete with robust plastic storage case