​Online tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook are likely to bid for Premier League streaming rights, resulting in a lucrative payday for English clubs, according to Manchester United's vice-chairman, Ed Woodward.
Following the increasing monetary value of broadcasting deals, with BT and BSkyB paying £8.4bn for broadcasting rights for games between 2016-19, it is thought a new deal could be struck up between the online companies and Premier League clubs, seeing some games aired online.
In a quarterly call with bank executives who invest in United's shares on the New York stock exchange, Woodward revealed that both Amazon and Facebook had their interest piqued by the 2016-19 broadcasting deals, with the duo expected to bid in the next round of deals, as reported by the â€‹Guardian.
When asked if he expects the online giants to bid in the next round of Premier League rights sales, set to open later this year, Woodward said: "Absolutely, I think they will enter the mix; anecdotally, there was incredibly strong interest in the last cycle. 
"We are hearing that around the Premier League table and we are also hearing that from a European perspective in terms of interest in the Champions League and Europa rights. I do think we are going to see an increasing engagement from these and we would welcome the interest."
Such a deal could mean big business opportunities for the financial super-clubs of the Premier League, with the likes of Manchester United tabling a total income of £515m from sponsorship and broadcast deals and ticket sales for the 2015/16 season alone.
Following Woodwards comments, neither Facebook or Amazon have made an official statement regarding their interest in a deal with the Premier League. However, Facebook did reveal that they plan to implement a live sport deal of some description on their platform in the future.

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