World Of Football - LUMASHOT | The all-in-one kit to make videos the easy way Instant tripod, one-button mic, remote Autocue, and a faster video editing app, all in one portable kit. This one is for my instalovers. Not just instalovers, but any social media content maker, Lumashot will change your video-making game. Lumashot has just released its all-in-one video creation kit to help creators make and share engaging videos on the go. It is now live on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Video has become the number one form of media content used by creators, marketers, and individuals all over the world. However, making a quality video is not easy, mai Read Morenly due to slow gear setup, poor sound quality, humbling recording, and complicated video editing. Creators need to deal with hard-to-use tools and equipment. Lumashot is solving this problem with a compact video kit that has all the tools you need to make engaging videos. Lumashot comes with Instapod, a tripod that sets and packs itself up so you don’t have to; Magic Mic, a tiny one-button wireless microphone for professional sound; remote-controlled Autocue to record with confidence; and FastTrack, a unique editing app that simplifies and speeds up the video editing process to turn shots into engaging content in minutes instead of hours. Lumshot brings a new way of creating videos to all creators that want to share their passion, craft, and skills with their audience, easily. Instapod is the first-ever instant tripod (patent pending) that sets and packs itself up. It can be used as a grip, monopod, and elevated stand for shooting on the go. It has a magnetic mount (that works with Apple MagSafe) to quickly attach your smartphone. When recording sound, forget about cables and complicated setups. Lumashot Magic Mic is easy to use with just one button and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. It works with a unique magnetic pendant to make setting up the sound a swift and trouble-free experience. Talk to your camera with confidence. A convenient remote-controlled Autocue helps you get your shots right in fewer takes, saving a ton of time; and memory on your phone! They have taken a holistic approach to the video creation process and in light of this, they have also created FastTrack, an easy-to-use editing app that lets you cut down your footage three times faster. FastTrack also lets you create pro shots with simple gestures: double-tap to create a zoom, single tap to create a crop, and even track your subject a Tue, 19 Oct 2021 11:09:23 UTC en