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In this video you will Learn the Most Common Spices and Herbs in Mexico.

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Children Learning and Speaking Two Languages
We are now living in a very diversified culture and society. It is natural to find people who are speaking at least two languages, are bilingual. But there are some bilingual parents or even those who are not, that are afraid that their teaching their children two languages would make them confused. Is learning two languages beneficial to our kids?

Simple How to - Learning Chinese Online
Do you consider teaching yourself Chinese as hard? Really hard? Why so? Maybe you have been studying the far east language for quite a long time. Maybe you are just beginning to dive in this new adventure. Whatever you have heard about learning the Chinese language: forget it!

Prepare Well and Ace Your TOEFL Test
Before you sit for your TOEFL (test of English as a Foreign Language) test, be sure to set aside time to prepare for this important assessment. Like many other tests, and especially so for such a language test, there is no short cut to a high TOEFL score - you have to earn it. The ETS introduced the Internet-based test (iBT) system in 2005 which allows test-takers around the world to sit for the test more conveniently. They have added a speaking component, expanded the writing section and revised the test such that you would have to use your English language skills in an integrative manner.

How to Plan Your Own Language Learning
Most language-acquisition products come with a built-in learning system that's designed to guide students in a structured manner. You can usually follow whatever learning pa