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Why Do You Need English?
I met one of my friends who was in the university few years back. He was talking to me very fluently in "ENGLISH" like someone who had was just come from UK. It was a great surprise for me.

How to Use Yahoo Babel Fish to Open Up a Whole New Internet World
If you often have difficulty translating words, phrases, and sentences from English to Spanish or Spanish to English, then Yahoo Babel Fish translator is a great service that you should be aware of. Babel Fish was originally developed by Altavista, but was acquired by Yahoo in 2008.

Traveling to France? Why Not Learn a Little French First
If you are traveling to France or thinking about it, you will want a little French under your belt. You don't want to get yourself into any kind of trouble, so here's a little info you can use to prepare for your trip to France.

Five Common English Mistakes Made by Japanese Speakers
See if you can find the common mistakes made by Japanese speakers in these five sentences. Then check the answers to see if you were right.

What is the Best Way to Learn a Foreign Language?
Learning any language is going to be difficult no matter how motivated you are. So what is the best way to keep you up and motivated when you learn a new language?

Things to Consider in Language Translation - An Example of English to Hebrew Translation
When a company decides to translate its content to meet the demands of the business, it adds a personal touch and aids the end user to read and interpret the product/courseware in his/her own way. A linguist/translator has to deal with diverse challenges of translating from one language to an entirely different language while remaining faithful to the original document conveying the intention of the original and complying with the grammatical and syntactical rules of the target la