Maybe you are approaching your senior year in senior high school, limiting your selection of schools, submitting applications and also enrolling in the SAT test. Once, most most likely you are planning to take it more than. Did your tummy just do a flip-flop considering the test? Are you fretted concerning it since so much trips on exactly how well you do? The existence of stress and anxiety literally does make us dumber! Anxiety is worry regarding a future event. When you remain in a state of concern there is a meticulously and also instantly managed series of occasions that happen in the body. Long ago it was needed to ensure a human's survival. Because it is rare that our life is actually in threat, today it can be more of an obstacle for many of us. Regrettably, our brain does not know the distinction in between an actual risk (a tiger chasing us) and a regarded danger (not doing well on the SAT examination).