- Jacobs 3653 K3C Thumb Handle Chuck Key with 5/16-Inch Pilot-Size for Jacobs Series 34-33C ,633C Keyed Chucks

I assumed Jacob’s was still made in the USA. Wrong. Another copy . Does not resemble older Jabob’s keys. Seems to be holding up well considering. Still it’s disheartening.

I own a Craftsman drill press. This key works perfectly on the 0.8 - 16mm 5/8" chuck. The 5/16" pilot fits the chuck perfectly. The key teeth match the chuck perfectly and functions just like the original which I lost.

The key appears solid and well made, no burrs, chips, etc.. Very happy! !

This chuck key fit like a glove. I recently bought a drill press without a key and the Jacob's chuck was rusted shut with a but inside. After using some wd-40 rust soak it broke the bit free and was easy to adjust the chuck.

This Chuck key is a direct replacement for the chuck key I cant find (at the moment) The Chuck Key was exactly as described, a list was published as to what key fit what model/style chuck which was extremely helpful, shipping was lightning fast, I am well pleased!

I have an old Sears craftsman drill press that has a Jacobs Chuck - 6A 33 taper. This key fits it perfectly and on first inspection seems well-made.

As another reviewer said, no more having to use a phillips and flat-head screwdriver combo to get my drill bits in and out.

Chinese imitation, but it works. Good size for getting torque on chuck. For those that dont know, an easy way to gauge pilot size is to use a drill bit to fit in hole.

Then you will know which chuck key to order. A drill bit and a screwdriver can also work as an emergency chuck key.

What kind of miraculous words does Amazon think needs to be in a review for a chuck key? Yeah, gits my Jacobs 34 chuck just as the product name and description said it would.

It is, indeed, made of the materials they say. It is not made of titanium, uranium, plastic, unobtainium, cheese (or any other dairy product), or the tears of the fallen.

Product picture is accurate, because every single chuck key looks exactly the same. They do not offer an option to have your childs name engraved upon it, but hey, for 10 bucks or so, why would they?

Solid key. Maybe not the same fit and finish as the original but that may be a benefits here. No slipping of the teeth, not difficult to line up and easy near one-handed operation.

I have an old, large craftsman drill press either a great Jacobs chuck. Would certainly buy again when I lose this one too.