When asking \"is astrology real?\", let’s start with a few facts we can all agree on:

Fact 1: The sun is a brilliant ball of energy and sustains our planet, our food and ourselves.

Fact 2: Being in nature can make you feel centered and connected to Mother Earth.

Fact 3: Chocolate makes everything better. (ok, this may only be a fact depending on who you ask)

Another fact that can’t be argued is that there are two sides to all things.

Think about that for a minute:

A plant grows a beautiful blossom above ground, with growing roots beneath.
The sun burns brightly throughout the day; the moon has a brilliant glow at night.
Novels always have an antagonist and protagonist

You also have two sides. You have emotional and logical parts of yourself; your brain has a left side and a right side; and you have both masculine and feminine energy (sorry guys, you all have a feminine side!).

When it comes to astrology, you also have a sun and a moon sign.

If you want to learn to manifest your dreams and live your best life, it’s important that you get to know both your emotional and logical self. When you have a deeper understanding of yourself, you’ll be able to manifest anything and everything.

Astrology: Ancient Scientific Gifts from the Universe

Most people think that astrology is based on mysticism and ‘magic’; but it’s actually, it’s based on science.

Scores of ancient cultures and societies used astrology to calculate things like calendars, and make important decisions like war and agriculture strategies.
Combining math and astronomy, astrology’s system is used to create an intricate language that very few people thoroughly understand.

Astrologers do more than draw up charts; they use a combination of math and science to study the world around us. But that’s not all – they must also use their intuition! 

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Unlock Your Soul Path with Emotional Intelligence

There is a misconception that only women have intuition; hence the phrase, ‘women’s intuition’. In fact, everyone has this superpower within them – and everyone should use it!

We live in a society that tells us to hold our emotions in (especially men, but women too). We\'re taught to wonder if astrology is real. So, we have to unlearn this; in other words, show our emotions more. 

Emotions will help you get to know yourself on a spiritual level. Some say that your soul speaks to you through your emotions; it may be well worth the effort of learning how to listen.

Our emotions are actually more of a guidance system. So experiencing each emotion means we can be guided to where we are supposed to be.

That is how you develop your intuition.
It’s healthy to feel angry at times. It’s healthy to feel disappointed too, or sad, or even passionate. These are all valid and mean that your soul is guiding you toward circumstances, people or experiences that it wants you to go; no, that it NEEDS you to go, in order for you to fulfill your true potential.

Feeling uneasy about something? That’s your soul telling you to step back.

Feeling excited or full of energy? Your soul is telling you to go for it!

Stepping into your spiritual power means honoring your emotions and illuminating the path your soul is showing you.
Use Emotion and Logic to Manifest Your Soul’s True Desires

To live your best life, tap into the resources that are readily available to you, as well as your natural abilities you already possess.

One of the best resources to understand your soul’s purpose is astrology. Start with the sun sign, which is your personal zodiac sign. This will outline your individual characteristics and can highlight some of your emotional triggers as well.
Because this is a scientific tool, it’s loaded with logic. As you evaluate your sign and your personal characteristics, tap into your emotional side as well. How do these revelations make you feel?

Chances are, you’ll feel energized and reassured. Use that knowledge to forge ahead and manifest the life your soul wants for you.

You’ll be amazed by all the thing you discover when you study these ancient scientific gifts from the universe and you\'ll never need to wonder if astrology is real.

Are you ready to tap into your duality of logic and emotion?

What’s stopping you?

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