My first introduction to mindfulness was through a meditation called the Mindfulness of Breathing. There\'s a bit of a giveaway in the name. It is about paying attention to the breath. There are many versions of this meditation, these differences are minor, the main principle is to use the breath as the focus for our minds.

This is a useful opportunity to introduce you to the understanding that when people practice mindfulness of breathing meditation is there are three things going on at once.

Developing mindfulness. This is what most of this site is about.
Meditation. Mindfulness and meditation are different mental activities. We are only just beginning to pick apart how they work independently and support each other. However it is meditation that can develop focus. The mindfulness meditation is a focus meditation.
Most traditional mindfulness of the breath meditations require us to just follow the breath, not to control the breath. However just watching our own breath does strengthen the connection between the brain and the breathing.

The article linked below is a little technical for those who like that sort of thing. If you don\'t like the technical stuff you now know enough.