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Language Immersion Programs - Is it For You?
There have been thousands of research on immersion-based language learning, majority of them pointing towards a similar conclusion: it works. Of course, you will likely have a tougher experience early on (you're basically going from 0 to 60 in a flash), but if you embrace it and remain open to the potential struggles, almost anyone can succeed this way.

Making Mistakes in Language Learning
Expectations can play a huge part in language learning. Set them too high and your language training can end in disappointment. Set them too low and you can find yourself progressing too slow.

"I Want to Learn Spanish"! Has This Desire Crossed Your Mind Lately?
"I want to learn Spanish" is common wish made by people in Europe and America. There are many people who want to learn Spanish for their own sweet reasons. Here, I would like to share how I learnt Spanish fast!

How to Use Reading to Beef Up Your Vocabulary
Language learners immersed in the culture usually learn new words from hearing other people use them. If you're not in the same setting, though, we've found reading to be a more than adequate substitute, especially as an accessory activity to using a language study software.

Finding the Best Language Learning Software
Are you in the market for language learning software? It is in your best interest to become knowledgeable about the benefits before you make a choice. Read more about language learning software here.

Tips For Speaking Spanish Fluently
If you have chosen Spanish as a second language to learn, whether it's for work requirements, interest, your partner is Spanish or you want to be able to converse to Spanish people when you travel in Spanish countries, then speaking Spanish fluently is probably your greatest desire in yo