Too much water pressure at home? Your pipes are knocking? A \"pressure reducing valve\" is what you need. In this video, i\'ll show you how to install one, how to choose the proper one, how to adjust it and what to do if your old PRV is not working properly, enjoy!


Here are the links to the stuff I used in this video (affiliate links):


CASH ACME EB45 (Sharkbite):

CASH ACME EB45 (Threaded):

Flexcon Expansion Tank (2.1 gallons):

Pressure Gauge (hose connection):


Time stamps

Why you would need a PRV - 0:00

Different model PRVs - 1:43

How to get a pressure reading - 2:07

Choosing the right PRV - 2:36

Installation - 3:22

Expansion tank - 6:56

PRV adjustment - 8:05

Troubleshooting PRV - 8:42


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