One of the worst things that can happen in a bathroom is water damage from a water leak, especially at the toilet or at the bathroom faucets. So in today’s video, we’re going to give you tips on how to replace the bathroom water supply lines for both the toilet and the sink and to do it without having to worry about any leaks.
Before we start, I did want to tell you we are partnering with Fluidmaster on this video because they make great products. I’ve been using their stuff for years, and this click seal water connector is great.
So for toilets, obviously, the water supply line is right here, and there are two points where they leak. Here’s point number one: it’s the connection between the water supply line and the shut-off valve.
And here is the second place where it leaks where it connects to the fill valve of the toilet. Now, believe it or not, these water supply lines should be switched out every ten years because they do go bad.
And I highly recommend that you stick with steel braided water supply lines because of their strength and durability. The first thing you need to do is to turn the water off at the water supply line. And it doesn’t hurt to get a container and put it directly underneath where the fill valve is located.
Typically, toilet supply lines are only hand-tight up against the fill valve of the toilet tank. So if that’s the case, you’ll be able to turn this clockwise if you’re looking down from the toilet tank.
So in this case, it is just hand-tight, and we’ll turn it in that clockwise fashion. Now, you can also use a set of pliers or channel locks if this is not hand-tight. Then, you can empty any water from the water supply line down into the container.
Then, use pliers or a crescent wrench to remove the old supply line from the shut-off valve. Best thing to do is to take the old water supply line with you to the home store. This is the new water supply line we’re going to be using.
It’s steel-braided, and I highly recommend this because they’re more durable than the other types. There are four things to look for on the tag when you go to your home store. Number one, if you want to use this connector, just look for “click seal toilet” water connector.
The connection on top that fits against the fill valve is 7/8”. This is 16” long, so just make sure you get the right length. And then finally, you need to know the compression fitting size that connects up with your shut-off valve.
So this is 3/8”