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Handmade Functioning Multi-tool Keyring. A beautiful 70mm lightweight metal functional Multi-tool Supplied on a large 24mm Key Ring With additional swivel clasp. Overall length 90mm. Price also includes Gift Pouch and instructions. PLUS Personalise your item! We can now add a Silver Plated capital initial letter to your keyring for £1 extra. The initial letter will be attached to the ring with a silver jump ring so that it matches the main charm. Please type your choice in the box above right. (Select Options). Please note, this keyring is not a life saving or survival device and is sold as a novelty item only. To use, open the jaws of the tool. The tool will detatch from keyring. Open jaws fully to create one long tool. Mind the saw, it is sharp. After use, close jaws and reattach to keyring.