Information about this update:


- Ability to name blocks

- A Spacing icon and have it show a floating spacing menu and activate the drag handles

- GrooveVideo integration in a universal video element

- YouZign Integration


- Spacing number values (0-100) and enabled custom value input

- Text sizing options (1-12) in preparation for further improvements

- Removed the H2 tag from the IE compatibility message

- Navbar dropdown menu text wrapping

- Hovering or clicking on the scrollbar shouldn't make the scrollbar disappear

- Speed optimization of the Blocks menu so it loads faster

- Removed the pencil icon and brought back the style editor on click to an element

- Forms pre-populate with cookies

- Remove the toggle switches for Space Cascading and Single Screen override

- Added link to - Blogs and Karts to the linking section

- New publishing settings and a single page publishing option


- New container elements don't have the Layout positioning options

- The Button with Icon element has an issue with the icon alignment

- When typing in long continuous text, it goes out of the container boundaries

- Long site names are extending to other sites in the My Sites menu

- Hidden elements are not hiding properly in the builder

- Some settings are not applied to all devices when the All Screens toggle is on

- "Report site for spam and abuse" link is broken and opens a blank page

- Page navigation broken on legacy sites

- In certain cases making a GrooveVideo fullscreen - the video play distorted


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