The Genesis Multi-purpose Oscillating Tool arrives in this colorful reusable cardboard box. There is no real storage case and none was expected for this low-cost bare-bones tool.
Inside the box you get an instruction manual written in English French and Spanish. The four pages devoted to English are printed in a pretty small font size and only provide short descriptions of what you can do and how to do it. One particular phrase that caught my eye was a note to the effect that this tool must be used only with Genesis oscillating tool accessories.
There will be more about that in a minute. Also included was a single sheet of paper listing various accessories and how they might be used. Some of these accessories are included with the tool and the rest are available at an additional cost. The sheet is printed in English on one side and Spanish on the other so I guess the Genesis folks figure that anyone smart enough to speak French probably already understands one of these languages as well.
Now to the accessories that are included:
1. There is a sanding pad for holding sandpaper and three pieces of sandpaper to attach to it. You get one fine grit, one medium grit and one coarse grit. The sandpaper arrived curved as shown but that's not a problem since its held flat against the sanding pad with some hook-and-loop material.
2. There is also a wooden drywall saw blade, a flush cut saw blade, a rigid scraping blade and tools to attach the accessories to the saw. What was NOT included was not included was a saw blade for cutting metal and other hard materials. There will be more on this in a minute.

Then of course there's the tool itself. As you can see the appearance is either a result of being shipped, sitting loose in the colorful reusable cardboard box, or because appearance is not a priority to the manufacturer. Probably both. So the tool can arrive looking a bit beat-up. Still you're not buying it for its looks.
It weighs about four pounds. Accessories are attached by securing them against the four pins on the shaft flange. For example you place the soft material saw blade so that the large holes line up and the pins go through the small holes. You then tighten it down using the screw washer and included allen wrench.
I did mention earlier that this kit didn't include a saw blade for cutting metal and other hard materials. Well it does not, so you have to buy that separately. If the Amazon reviews are to be believed, as they should be, then the Genesis metal saw blades leave something to be desired.
I was curious as to whether other blades would work.
I wasn't so much bothered by the warning in the manual as I was that another brand wouldn't fit. So I decided to order some versatile blades from Amazon here. On close inspection the versatile blades have been configured to accept a number of different attachment configurations. Fortunately they fit the Genesis tool perfectly.
While this tool has many pro's one con is how loud this tool is. Well there you have it. If there are any downsides is that this tool stresses value over appearance and that it's a bit louder than some of the other brands. However if you're willing to live with these shortcomings and without a few of the frills then you can get the workings of an oscillating tool for a very reasonable price.

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