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Teach Yourself Languages - Tip Number 3 - Eject the English Disk!
The longer I teach foreign languages, the more I realize that there is a subtle, underlying notion in the back of people's minds that says the language they have set about learning uses the exact same sounds as English, but simply rearranged. In other words, if they just learn the order of the sounds, they will have learned the way to pronounce the word. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

If You Want to Learn Spanish Fast and Free, What is the Best Way?
I'm sure you've seen commercials for Spanish tutorials that will help you reach your goal quickly and easily, allowing you to communicate in new ways with people who don't speak the same language. The thought of reconnecting with a relative from another country, or being fluent in the language of the country you're visiting is a tempting one.

Word Per Word Translations Don't Work
"Language translation software don't work," my friend Rodney said. I found the statement odd, given that I am an avid user of numerous language services software, including learning materials and translation applications. So, I inquired, "Why do you say that?"

How to Learn a Language For Right-Brainers
Are you a right-brainer who's trying to learn a second language? There are some things that come naturally to creative and intuitive individuals like you which you can use to boost your training.

How to Avoid Problems With Your Translation Software
Do you use software to translate documents within your organization? We do. In fact, we find it to be an excellent tool for quick, readable conversions from one language to another.

Rocket Spanish - Quality at an Affordable Price?
Unlike so many other reviews I've read I will dispose of the fluff about learning the bea