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Amazon Affiliate Content

Amazon Affiliate Profits

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Introduction. 4

Chapter 1: What’s Amazon.com all about?. 6

Chapter 2: How do you make money with Amazon as an affiliate?. 9

Chapter 3: Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing is your best choice. 12

Chapter 4: Picking a Hot Amazon Niche. 15

Chapter 5: Selecting some Hot Products to Promote. 18

Chapter 6: Creating an Amazon Affiliate Website. 21

Chapter 7: Creating Product Oriented Content. 26

Chapter 8: Creating Your Amazon Associates Account. 30

Chapter 9: Linking your Amazon Affiliate Links. 33

Chapter 10: Promoting your Amazon Affiliate Website – Part 1. 36

Chapter 11: Promoting your Amazon Affiliate Website – Part 2. 38

Chapter 12: Building an Amazon Affiliate Empire the Right Way. 40

Chapter 13: Amazon Native Shopping Ads. 43

Chapter 14: Embedding an Amazon aStore into Facebook. 45

Chapter 15: Other Amazon Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Consider. 48

Conclusion. 51

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