HERBALIFE ***BEST CONSUMED PRODUCTS***Cookies N' Cream (750g), Dutch Chocolate (750g), French Vanilla (750g), Dulce de Leche (750g), Banana Caramel (750g), Pumpkin Spice (750g), Caffe Late (750g), Citrus Lemon (14 Bars/35g each), Vanilla Almond (14 Bars/35g each), Vanilla Drink MIx (840g), Vanilla Drink Mix (616g), Herbal Tea Cinnamon (100g), Herbal Tea Peach (100g), Herbal Tea Peach (50g), Herbal Tea Raspberry (100g), Herbal Tea Raspberry (50g, Herbal Tea Lemon (100g), Herbal Tea Lemon (50g), Herbal Tea Original (100g), Herbal Tea Original (50g), Herbal Aloe ORIGINAL (16oz), Herbal Aloe CRANBERRY (16oz), Herbal Aloe MANGO (16oz), Liftoff TROPICAL FRUIT (10 Tablets), Liftoff POMEGRANATE-BERRY BURST (10 Tablets), Xtra-Cal Advance (90 Tablets), APPLE Active Fiber Complex (210g), Simply Probiotic Powder Mix (30g), Cell-U-Loss (90 Tablets) FREE SHIPPING!!! Some products will be ship via USPS and others Via FedEx, if you do a larger order. PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE...!!! NO RISK 30 DAY REFUND FEEDBACK:PLEASE BE SURE TO LEAVE US FEEDBACK LETTING US KNOWTHAT YOUR PRODUCT ARRIVED AND EVERYTHING IS OK. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!