Hy there!

Today I picked something for the IT-crowd!

It's upgraded Docky!

Compared to the previous generation DOCKCASE Visual Dock, the user interface of the new generation DOCKCASE Smart Hub( 8 in 1) is newly upgraded to the DockOS. Which is the globe's first hub OS!

Upgraded Dockcase 8 -in-1

The previous Visual Dock can only show real-time data information of the linked peripherals. On the new one, with DockOS, you can also select the functioning setting of different user interfaces. Customize the working parameters, to recognize human-machine interaction. The DockO can upgrade to make it suitable for more devices.

The newly included D-Key button

This button is used for DockOS system operation to bring a much more user-friendly experience. Which is easier for customized use and parameter settings, than the previous.

One button, numerous identities. D-Key enables you to control various functions. Switch operation modes and also turn the display smartly to adapt to different functioning circumstances.

Heat solution

The previous Visual Dock was using a standard heat insulation approach. The goal was to avoid the internal temperature level of the chip from conduction to the outside as long as possible. That could lead to the loss of the inner chip. Especially after using it for a longer period. The brand-new Smart Hub has a built-in full-chip cooling system. It is geared up with a high-performance silent fan. This fan can be preset to turn on the heat dissipation. That way makes your work stable and secure.

DockCase 8 in 1 is bigger than the previous

With a slight size upgrade, it also brings a larger screen! That way you can check out data much more conveniently as well as clearly.

Compared to the previous Aesthetic Dock ( 7 in 1), DockCase has two USB 3.2 ports. By that, you satisfy the people's need for USB-A ports on the new Smart Hub. At the same time, as consumer need for USB-C port increases, they upgrade the card reader port to a data USB-C port. That way they look after both card readers as well as other USB-C port equipment.

What You see is what you get!

No longer worrying about the visual experience. The development of HDMI technology brings a revolutionary change. 2 switchable HDMI modes redefine exactly how real 4K@60Hz can be.

The DockCase Smart Hub can transform 4K@30Hz host to 4K@60Hz output in the Extreme Mode. The 4K@60Hz compatibilit