Panic attacks are sudden and unexpected periods of intense anxiety. A sufferer can suddenly find him or herself in a situation that they cannot cope with such as choking, suffocating or going crazy. They are frightening and cause a lot of worry to the person who suffers from it. Most people who have panic attacks often do not seek medical attention fearing they will worsen their condition.
It is essential for everyone to know how to deal with panic attacks. Do not let it take over your life. Find ways to treat it once it starts. If you have panic attacks once a week, go and see a doctor for a medical check up. There could be an underlying cause for it so that it will not come on a whim.
There are many treatment methods to eliminate the attacks. Medications such as antidepressants may help a little. Or you can take herbs which may also provide some relief from the symptoms. One of these herbs is ginkgo biloba, which increases blood flow into the brain. This can help relax you.
There are also techniques that will help you reduce your anxiety level. One of the techniques is deep breathing. Another technique is relaxation exercise. These methods are very effective at treating panic attacks.
Make sure you are not in a situation where you will end up having another attack. Avoid taking them seriously, they are not a serious problem. The symptoms you feel during an attack are more intense compared to those of a panic disorder. Do not try to stop it. Try not to think about the attacks, if you can stop yourself from thinking about it, you will lessen its effect on your body.
Try to distract yourself by thinking about something else. You may need to write down what triggers the attack in your mind so that you will not be triggered by it again. Think of positive thoughts instead of negative ones. If you think of your symptoms while it is about to happen, you will not be able to find any reason to trigger another panic attacks.
Try not to isolate yourself from other people. Many attacks occur in social settings, try not to keep all your thoughts about the panic away from others. They may help you deal with your attacks better. You can also attend groups or therapy sessions. There are many support groups out there for panic sufferers. It might be beneficial to join such groups.
Do not try to cope on your own. You are the one who can actually help yourself to control your panic attacks. Try to let go of the control and learn to live your life normally again. Do not for