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TOP QUALITY Chamomile Honey Vanilla Herbal Tea Bagged - 20 Biodegradable Bags Tea Moments Brand
Ingredients: Dried Chamomile

Chamomile tea is one of the most popular varieties of tea on the market, and it also has many health benefits and uses, including the ability to lower stress levels, aid sleep, soothe menstrual symptoms, protect the skin, boost the immune system, treat gastrointestinal issues and manage diabetes, among others.

Country produced in: Bulgaria

Packaging: 30g with 20 sachets with a string

Shipping: FREE 24H DELIVERY WITH AMAZON PRIME!QUALITY GUARANTEE: Top Quality 100% Natural Chamomile Herbal Tea from the Balkans, No Preservatives, No Additional Substances!
Chamomile tea is a great relaxing herbal tea used to calm the soul and mind.
The presence of flavonoids, sesquiterpenes, and other powerful antioxidants in this tea have significant effects on the human body.
The anti-inflammatory nature of chamomile tea makes this relaxant a popular choice for women dealing with the symptoms of menstruation like bloating, cramping, anxiety, sweating, inability to sleep, and mood swings.
Packaging: 1 box with 20 biodegradable individually packed tea bags in a box.