The wedding day is a big and important day for anyone. Therefore, it is very important that you pay special attention to your preferences and list everything out.  When you are arranging and planning for the wedding, make a list and set of priorities. This will clarify for you what things are more important to you and thus should be allocated more share in the budget.

The wedding is an important and at the same time, expensive affair. This is why you need to have a clear picture in your head on what you are spending at. A lot of people spend big amounts on things that do not matter much for them and regret later when they are out of the budget and important things are still left to be done.

To rent a limo on budget, follow the tips below:

Plan the timings:
Your wedding day will be a combination of running back and forth to the salon, venue, maybe even the market.  It will be very stupid to let a limo drive you around for small things. This will cost you a lot and will be of no use at all. So it is better that you plan a schedule and only book the limo for the time you actually need it, the entry or the exit. Engaging a limo for the whole day and driving you around for no special reason will cost you heavily.

Make it official:
Renting a car can be a tricky business, especially if it’s a limousine. So once you have negotiated a price with the retailers, sign an official agreement with them. The agreement should mention all the details, even the small one. Include the information about the car, its model number and other distinguishing features. Include the total cost, the advance deposited amount, refunds, location, rate per hour, arrival and departure times and location and any other necessary detail.

Do your homework:
If you want to effectively save the cost, make sure you have done your homework well. The limo is a big car, so plan the best possible itinerary. Plan the alternative routes that you can take in case the preferred one has a traffic jam. You do not want to reach late to your own wedding venue because of traffic jams or any other inconvenience that can be avoided easily.

We hope you have a fun experience planning your big day’s ride!