Enjoy an immediate amplification of audio & topup of the battery by simply laying your phone. No Bluetooth or wire connection required.

If you remember Topwork’s campaign that went viral some months ago, then be sure that their new product BeatDrop will amaze you as well! Very convenient little thing you can use for multi-purpose in your home, at the office and much more. I personally love the idea and the fact that it doesn’t require any wires or Bluetooth connection.

Meet BeatDrop, the best induction speaker/sound amplifier out there!  It makes use of an innovative modern technology that immediately plays songs, videos, or calls from your smart device at a louder volume and higher quality while keeping all your devices charged wirelessly at the same time - without Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or any other type of connection. Simply lay and play, and you can instantly hear tunes, news, or calls loud and clear without draining your phone's battery.

Occasionally the speaker on your phone simply isn't loud enough if you are in a huge conference or people are sitting at a distance.

And especially when you're cooking with the hood fan on or other kitchen appliances making so much noise. How can you hear your food tutorial on your iPad?

Say goodbye to bothersome syncing, pairing, or wiring.

Therefore, they're welcoming you to a new world where music no more has borders! It additionally functions as a power bank, an alarm clock, and a Bluetooth audio speaker when you require it.

Instantly and automatically amplify the sound of any phone on the sensor contact.

BeatDrop is a smart application of electromagnetic induction that applies Faraday's Legislation, which is additionally known as "Near Field Audio". The audio speaker includes an item of transducer that develops a magnetic field and converts power right into electrical signals. When you place your phone on 2 sensor contact of the speaker, the sound from your gadget will be promptly enhanced.

Whether you're chatting on Facetime, viewing a cooking tutorial in the kitchen, or TV on your phone, the phone is charging at an ergonomic viewing angle. Giving you a much more comfy experience.

Keeps powering up your phone, so you don't have to fret about your battery passing away while you are chatting, enjoying video clips, or music. Additionally, it's phone case friendly!

BeatDrop makes use of 2 overlapping charging coils to maximize the charging ar