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Let your kids unleash their wild imagination and ideas with Children Hub's magnetic toys!

Why Choose Children Hub?

We care about your child's development:
These building toys encourage imaginative and creative play, enhance math, geometry, and science skills.

We make things easy for your kids:
This magnetic blocks set is made with superior magnet for guaranteed durability and strong hold so kids can assemble them easily.

We care about your budget:
This magnetic toy set is cost-efficient. High-quality tiles at a reasonable price.

What's Included?
23 pcs. small squares
6 pcs. hollow squares
4 pcs. cross frames
1 pc. wheel set
6 pcs. small isosceles triangles
4 pcs. rectangles
4 pcs. long isosceles triangles
10 pcs. equilateral triangles
2 pcs. big squares

What if I have questions or concerns?
Our Customer Care Team is available and ready to assist you. Please leave a voicemail with your Order # or send us an email and we will respond within 24hrs.SUITABLE FOR KIDS AGES 3 AND ABOVE: A great way to spend quality time with your kids while they learn new things. Magnetic building toys made with topnotch materials for strong hold and durability.
ENHANCES YOUR CHILD'S SKILLS: Inspires creativity and brain development. Helps develop shape and color recognition, building and motor skills, communication, space thinking, math, etc. With different shapes that can be combined to challenge their logic and thinking abilities
BIGGER MAGNETS, RAISED EDGES, SAFE PLAY (NON-TOXIC): These magnetic construction kit are made from BPA-free, non-toxic materials. With bigger magnets for guaranteed durability and strong hold. We also raised the edges of the tiles to avoid scratch problems
PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION, INCLUDES STORAGE BAG: This magnetic building toy contains 60 pcs of different geometrical shapes and patterns with bright colors that kids will definitely love. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
NOTE: The wheel set of our 100-pc set is NOT COMPATIBLE with our 46-pc and 60-pc sets. ONLY the wheel sets of 46-pc and 60-pc are compatible with each other