Businesses around the globe need to watch out for four major cybersecurity threats. These are bad passwords, phishing campaigns, accidental insider threats, as well as mismanaged account access. These threats are not new but the methods used by hackers have evolved.

Bad Passwords

The first place that hackers target is the password. People create passwords and they are easier to hack than security measures that are done by technology. If you know something about the person, you can easily guess their passwords. People commonly use passwords that mean something to them. Today, countless people are sharing too much information about themselves in social media. A smart hacker may easily figure out what your password is if you are an oversharer and you’re using common and weak passwords.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to fix the problem of bad passwords. You should create longer passwords, at least 14 characters. Don’t forget to add in capitals and symbols but it’s almost always the length of the password that makes the life of a hacker difficult. A program created by hackers need to make more combination to guess a long and strong password. This fix may not be fool proof but it can definitely delay an attack. So, use a long password that doesn’t have anything to do you with yourself. It’s also a good idea to use multifactor authentication for an additional layer of protection.